Florent Lachaud, Internal Strategy Consultant for BNP Corporate & Investment Banking

Graduated in 2016

Please note: starting in 2019, the master 'Economics & Business' has evolved into the Master in International Management & Sustainability

Florent Lachaud

I entered This Master in September 2014. Before this experience, I had taken the scientific « Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles », after which I went to AgroParisTech, an engineering school where I majored in Environmental / Energy management and sciences.Willing to work as a Strategy Consultant and – in the long run – in the energy industry, there was no better solution than completing my hard scientific skills with a top-notch training in economics, finance, strategy etc. within this Master.

Indeed, This Master delivers strong knowledge in finance, accountability, economics, but also opens our mind to various other subjects such as political sciences, business law, negotiation, ethics etc. The diversity of subjects – not only economic, financial or corporate - is really the strength of this Master which provides thus a true open-mindedness. The pedagogy mixing theory and numerous practical cases led by teachers and professionals, reinforces the acquisition of those knowledge. Eventually, the alumni network as well as the corporate events are fabulous opportunities to ease students' entrance on the job market.

I had taken a gap year with my engineering school right before entering Sciences Po. I have spent six months as a Business Development Analyst in Areva (Paris) and six months as a Marketing Strategy Analyst in Suez (Hong Kong). Thanks to my professional experiences and the complete education I have taken, I had the opportunity to take my final internship in OC&C Strategy as a Strategy Consultant.

This Master has undeniably instilled in me the business sense and a multi-skill mindset, without which I could never have obtained this internship. Those high-demanding fast-paced six months have helped me to become an entrepreneur, helping startups with their development for three months after the end of my internship. Finally, I flew to New York to take a VIE as an Internal Strategy Consultant for BNP Corporate & Investment Banking. For the years to come, I wish to keep working within internal Strategy in any sector to discover multiple issues for a while, before taking a similar position in the energy field, in order to feel I can have an impact and create added value for business.

To wrap it up, I have had very different experiences and work opportunities… this is also Sciences Po and that Master: the World is yours!

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