Émilie Dubuc, Consultant in Capgemini, Corporate Excellence & Transformation

Graduated in 2015

Please note: starting in 2019, the master 'Economics & Business' has evolved into the Master in International Management & Sustainability

Émilie Dubuc

I was born and raised in Montreal (Canada) and completed a bachelor degree in Finance & Economics at HEC Montreal prior to Sciences Po. I chose the Master in Economics and Business because it combined both the economic and finance competencies with large possibilities of career at the end. Also I liked the fact it offered lectures and workshops in very different subjects given by the greatest teachers in Europe. 

Having done a gap year in my previous degree, I decided to do the master in two years. However, I had the opportunity to do a summer internships in Microfinance in between. It was a great way to learn about a sector I knew nothing about, to create a network of professional and to travel abroad, in Paraguay.

I signed a "CDI" at the third semester at Capgemini Consulting so this accounted for my final internship. This experience helped me realized that consulting was really my "meant to be" job. The first 6 months of my contract, I had a mission in a large industrial French Group where I had the chance to work closely with the high management while developing my consulting skills.

I am still working at Capgemini Consulting as a consultant in the unit "Corporate Excellence & Transformation". I can say that the fact that most of my classes in the master where given by professionals was a key factor of success for me. The cases I worked on 2 years ago are similar to the ones I face today!

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