Embedding Sustainability into a Luxury

A masterclass with Marie-Claire Daveu
  • Marie-Claire Daveu © Manuel Braun / Sciences PoMarie-Claire Daveu © Manuel Braun / Sciences Po

The School of Management and Innovation (SMI) officially inaugurated the Master in Marketing: New Luxury & Art de vivre on Thursday 29th August, at the beginning of the new academic year in presence of the programme's partners.

Marie-Claire Daveu, member of the SMI's Strategic Committee and Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of International Institutional Affairs at Kering, gave the inaugural lesson of the Master's on the theme "Embedding Sustainability into a Luxury Business Model.

The event focused on sustainable luxury, including the luxury industry's pioneering role in environmental and social responsibility and the need for industry leaders to demonstrate exemplary commitment. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Introduction by Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic, Dean of Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation and Nathalie Jacquet, Sciences Po Director of Strategy and Development.

Sustainability is an absolute necessity today also in the luxury industry and in fashion as a whole. In order to face the challenges of the 21st century and work in a more eco-efficient way, we have no choice but embed sustainability into our business models and learn to embrace it as an opportunity: sustainability is good for business and it enhances creativity.

This is about sourcing the finest raw materials in a more sustainable and responsible way; this is about taking care of the people all along the supply chain; this is about testing innovative materials and innovative processes. As individuals and companies we have our part to play, and as a trendsetting industry we must act as a role model.

Event Date: 
Thursday, 29 August, 2019 - 17:00 - 18:45
Event Location: 
Amphithéâtre Simone Veil - 28 rue des Saints-Pères 75007 Paris

Jan maria willem RITZEN (Graduated in 2019)

From the One year after the master's degree in Corporate Strategy, Investment Banking Analyst at Kempten & Co
  •  Jan maria willem RITZEN  © Jan maria willem RITZEN Jan maria willem RITZEN © Jan maria willem RITZEN

Before moving to Paris to join the master in corporate strategy at Sciences Po, I stayed at several places during my university education. I believe that having a Dutch father and a Belgian mother sparked my curiosity, leading me to explore my talents and other cultures. I moved to Leuven to pursue a Master’s degree in law and later also philosophy. Meanwhile, I have spent my summers in e.a. the University of St. Andrews, Scotland and at Harvard University in the U.S. Before joining the master program, I also interned at Deloitte and Allen & Overy.

The wisdom of starting with the end in mind to gain insight in decision making processes of companies and the essential collaboration between the academic and professional world is more relevant than ever. On an individual level people are burning out, and on a collective level we are burning up the planet. So, the emphasis on self-renewal and the understanding that leadership and creativity require us to tap into our own resources are exactly what we need right now. I believe the integrated approach of Sciences Po between academics and the professional upholds this wisdom. The master in corporate strategy at Sciences Po gave the best immersive educational experience available, grounded in real-life business cases, in order to continue my career in the financial industry.

I am currently working as a financial professional within an investment bank in Amsterdam. Even before graduation at Sciences Po, I had secured offers from several investment banks. Kempen & Co Merchant Bank stood out because of its niche approach in Biotech and Real Estate and the highly attractive city where it is based, Amsterdam! As I experience now, my background from Sciences Po provides me with the perfect foundation to grow as a young graduate within Kempen & Co.

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From 20 to 29 May
  • Affiche du forum de la Transition Écologique ©Sciences PoAffiche du forum de la Transition Écologique ©Sciences Po

In the face of a climate in crisis and a planet experiencing profound ecological disruption, you are seeking to pursue careers in the field of ecological transition?

Ecological Transition Careers Fair

From 20 to 29 may, on line 


Participants by category :
  • Specialized consulting firms
  • Energy actors
  • Protection of Oceans and Forests
  • Recycling, zero waste, anti-gaspiration
  • Media / Communication
Find out more about the Fair
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La nécessité de faire évoluer notre monde devient un enjeu majeur

  • 9, rue de la Chaise © Sandrine Gaudin / Sciences Po9, rue de la Chaise © Sandrine Gaudin / Sciences Po


Dans ce contexte de crise majeure, le projet et les valeurs de l'École du management et l'innovation, portés par sa Doyenne, Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic, s'incrivent pleinement dans les grands défis contemporains que nous devrons relever.

Que ces défis soient économiques, sociaux, environnementaux ou politiques nous avons à coeur de former des futurs leaders capables d'initier et d'accompagner une transformation responsable et durable pour prospérité inclusive.

"Il est nécessaire que notre système se transforme de manière assez radicale [...]. Cette convinction personnelle a rencontré un ADN qui est celui de Sciences Po, qui porte des préoccupations pour l'intérêt général et le bien commun" (M.-L. Salles-Djelic)

La nécessité de faire évoluer notre monde devient un enjeu majeur. C'est sur cette conviction que le projet et les valeurs de notre école se fonde depuis sa création.


La raison d'ëtre de l'École du management et de l'innovation

Interview menée par Adrien de Tricornot.


 Visionner la vidéo complète sur Xerfi Canal




Transformer l’entreprise dans la responsabilité et le progrès social

Interview menée par Adrien de Tricornot.


 Visionner la vidéo complète sur Xerfi Canal



Les étudiants de l’École du management et de l’innovation de Sciences Po apportent une indéniable valeur ajoutée

Interview menée par Olivier Rollot


En quatre ans l’École du management et de l’innovation de Sciences Po s’est installée comme l’une de ses composantes principales tout en devenant une alternative crédible aux meilleures business schools. Sa directrice, Marie-Laure Salles Djelic, dresse avec nous le portrait d’une école particulièrement impliquée dans les évolutions de la société. (Photo : Emerson Kailey)

L'intégralité de l'échange est disponible sur le site HEADway


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Vanita Nathwani (Gratuated in 2019)

From the One year after the master's degree in Corporate Strategy, Regional Account Manager at Uber
  • Portrait ©Vanita NathwaniPortrait ©Vanita Nathwani

The Master in Corporate Strategy is Sciences Po's one-year program for young graduates interested in corporate strategy, entrepreneurship and humanities. It is the ideal program for serious students aspiring to become truly specialized corporate strategists in consulting firms or "in-house", within firms. 

Vanita Nathwani, graduated in 2019, has agreed to share with you her experience in this master's programme and what it has contributed to her.

What were your educational and professional background before joining the master corporate strategy at Sciences Po?

I had an undergraduate degree in International Relations from the University of St Andrews including 1 year Erasmus at Sciences Po in Paris. I had also worked 4 years in Asset Management as an Investment Counsellor and Relationship Manager at SEI Investments in London.

What did you expect from this year of study in master Corporate Strategy at Sciences Po? Which skills did you need to develop? How did you benefit from it?

I expected to dive deeper into management, finance, and strategy- to build on my professional skills and research in-depth case studies. I developed my strategic thinking, presentation skills, and team organization skills. I was able to leverage these for my interviewing process at Uber.

What are your professional projects and perspectives

I'm a UK based territory account manager at UBER. I'm focusing on the Uber Eats expansion project across Scotland and have touchpoints with teams all across EMEA.

I'm excited to be part of a global disruptor and feel like Sciences Po helped me make that transition from Finance to Tech at a pivotal point in my career.

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The first promotion of the Master in Marketing: New Luxury & Art de Vivre in Milan

  • The first promotion in Milan ©Sciences PoThe first promotion in Milan ©Sciences Po

There is no doubt that Milan, the Italian capital of fashion and design, was the ideal city to organize the study trip for the first class of the Marketing Masters degree: New Luxury & Art de Vivre, which took place from January 19 to 22, four intense days to open the second semester of the Masters degree.

The programme was dense: meetings with professionals and academics passionate about fashion, design and gastronomy, visits to stores and production sites.

This trip was also an additional opportunity to weld together the first class of this program.

Confronting the field

Confronting the field After a first semester of studies dedicated to the acquisition of the fundamentals in Marketing and a first approach to luxury, the added value of this trip takes on its full meaning. "It was a great opportunity to discover the world of Italian luxury through the insights of professionals in the industry. It is an excellent complement to what we learned during the first semester of this master's degree: to allow the class to meet professionals by confronting their knowledge in the field" says Lucie. For Hy-Lim "This trip through the Italian luxury industry has allowed us to apply what we have learned in the field in the last few months. A real revelation!"

A refined analysis of the luxury sector

This trip was also an opportunity to meet academics and spécialists who shared their analysis of the sector during two masterclasses: "Analysing Luxury Brands"; by Professor Luca M. Visconti who transmitted his passion and analysis of luxury and Italian luxury in particular and "Business, Product, and Cultural Innovation in Luxury"; by Professor Paola Cillo as well as a presentation of the Bain Altagamma Worldwide Luxury Monitor by Carlo Moltrasio.  A round table discussion on the theme of temporality in luxury led by Luca M. Visconti closed this time of exchanges.


A huge thank you to our partner companies of the master, Chanel, LVMH and Richemont who contributed to the success of this first edition.

Grazie mille also to Professor Luca M. Visconti for having conceived this very beautiful study trip program.

The Great Transition: successful conclusion to the SMI group projects

  • The Great Transition: Winning ProjectsThe Great Transition: Winning Projects

The Great Transition is an experience that brings all School of Management and Innovation first students into direct interaction with contemporary grand challenges and their impact for the world of business and for themselves as citizens.

Working through the compass of the Sustainable Development Goals, all students think, dream and act towards a world that would be both more sustainable and responsible.

527 students in 106 group projects worked on issues like food quality, circularity, loneliness, energy efficiency, poverty and inequalities, developing projects that combined purpose and business. 

The Great Transition experience ended this year on January 22nd with the presentation in front of a Jury of 12 nominee projects


The Jury selected three winning projects and a Prix Coup de Coeur. The Public also voted for its own favourite project. The winners are: 

Prix du jury:

Ile de la Transition: Jade Berre (Master communication, médias et industries créatives), Manuel Caliendo (Master finance et stratégie), Jeanne Dorlencourt (Master International Management & Sustainability), Myrto Mezini (Master organisations et management des ressources humaines), Nathan Mulalic, (Master marketing)

Repleo Tech: Lucas Dernov (Master communication, médias et industries créatives), Guillaume Desert (Master in Marketing: New Luxury & Art de Vivre), Thao Ly Nguyenova (Master International Management & Sustainability), Anmol Prithani (Master of Communications, Media and Creative Industries), Gautier Ugolin (Master finance et stratégie)

Kapsul: Alix Biffot (Master finance et stratégie), Clément Bouchet, (Master organisations et management des ressources humaines), Marie Lecoeur (Master finance et stratégie), Mehdi Mouchrit (Master innovation & transformation numérique), Cassandre Siebert (Master communication, médias et industries créatives)

Prix Coup de Coeur du Jury:

The Circle Family: Abdelwahhab Al Backri (Master of Communications, Media and Creative Industries), Delphine Godin (Master finance et stratégie), Marie-Antoinette Lescuyer (Master finance et stratégie), Yeseul Oh (Master in Marketing: New Luxury & Art de Vivre), Axel Udave (Master communication, médias et industries créatives)

Prix du Public:

Papaye: Yasmina Abbou (Master finance et stratégie), Adélie Benvegnu-Sallou (Master joint droit-finance), Philippine Dol (Master International Management & Sustainability), Etienne Duriez (Master International Management & Sustainability), Adam Lemiere (Master organisations et management des ressources humaines)


Photo: members of the jury © Sciences Po - from left to right 

  • Elisabeth Hege (IDDRI) 
  • Valérie Gaudart (Engie) 
  • Niels Planel (Chercheur et professeur) 
  • Amandine Lepoutre (Thinkers and Doers) 
  • Maxime Marzin (Sciences Po, Centre pour l'entrepreneuriat) 
  • Georges de La Ville-Baugé (Open Bubble) 

More information

The Great Transition

New Prosperities: A New Economic Model

Centre pour l’Entrepreneuriat

Make it Work: Sciences Po’s Initiative for Climate

Thinking of applying to the School of Management and Innovation

Watch the replays
  • All you need to know about the School of Management and InnovationAll you need to know about the School of Management and Innovation

On 15 January 2020, Olivier Guillet, Executive Director of the School of Management and Innovation and a student answered questions from prospective students during a live interview.

Watch the replay.

You were unable to attend our past Open House Day?

Watch the replay of the School of Management and Innovation:

New Prosperities: a New Economic Model

  • Bruno Roche and Marie-Laure Salles-DjelicBruno Roche and Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic

The shift from an economy of growth to one of "New Prosperities", that was the topic of discussion at The School of Management and Innovation's annual conference.

Held on 3 December, 2019 at Sciences Po, in partnership with the think tank Mars Catalyst, it brought together thought leaders in business, academia and policymaking to discuss this new economic model.

This conference is part of a movement led by actors the business world, academia and policymaking as well as students from around the globe who committe to transforming business for the world – and promoting an Economics of Mutuality to achieve this goal.

More information




Event Date: 
Tuesday, 3 December, 2019 - 08:30 - 18:15
Event Location: 
Amphithéâtre Chaspal
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Sciences Po students unanimously ranked first

Société Générale’s M&A Corporate Finance Competition
  • A. El Saadi, C. Langlumé, . Jaboulet-Vercherre, L. Matarrese et N. KoukouchA. El Saadi, C. Langlumé, . Jaboulet-Vercherre, L. Matarrese et N. Koukouch

Sciences Po is delighted and proud to announce that five of its Finance and Strategy Master’s degree program students were unanimously ranked first at the 2nd edition of Société Générale’s M&A Corporate Finance Competition.

Ahmad El Saadi, Caroline Langlumé, Maxence Jaboulet-Vercherre, Léopold Matarrese and Nabilla Koukouch competed with students from top-tier business schools including HEC Paris, ESSEC, ESCP Europe, EMLyon, EDHEC Business School and Université Paris Dauphine.

Among the initial 40 contending teams, seven were selected to represent their schools at the final round which took place on Monday 27 November at Société Générale’s global headquarters. Our students pitched a cross-border takeover bid on a retail company to a board of Global Heads and Managing Directors at Société Générale, providing a rigorous and accurate analysis of the target, including a company valuation and estimation of potential synergies, as well as a market analysis and mapping of potential buyers.

Cyril Paolantoni, Managing Director and Global Co-Head of Consumer Retail Luxury, expressed his joy in welcoming teams from the 7 most prestigious French business schools: "2019 was the second year of the Gaming Inter Ecole by Société Générale. Once again, we were very happy to give the students of the top 7 business schools in France the opportunity to put a strong foothold in the business life. We believe this M&A case to present to a professional jury of investment bankers is a nice way to complete a corporate finance training before joining a bank. This year, we have been positively surprised by the quality of the teams, both for the content of their analysis and the way they presented their output. Most of the students understood that theoretical analysis are necessary but not enough to catch a prestigious M&A mandate, especially in a world of fierce competition among advisory offices. They proved to be skilled, precise and especially impactful to convince their future client to counter-bid. The Sciences Po team demonstrated a superior level of professionalism and was unanimously ranked first by the jury! Congratulations to the winning team and we hope we confirmed your appetite to start a brilliant career in investment banking…”

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