"The new global brands will be Chinese and Indian"

Nirmalya Kumar, Director of Strategy at Tata Sons

How can emerging brands, and Chinese brands in particular, become more global? What are the skills and qualities marketing managers should have? These are some of the questions addressed by Nirmalya Kumar, Director of Strategy at Tata Sons, during his lecture at Sciences Po. Watch the video.

About Nirmalya Kumar:

A programme for budding entrepreneurs

  • ©derf / agentofdigital.com©derf / agentofdigital.com

he Sciences Po Entrepreneurship programme is open to all students who want to start a business or simply build their entrepreneurial skills.

At the end of this 5-step programme, a few students are selected to join the Sciences Po incubator and benefit from one year of support to launch their startup.

"The only truth for an entrepreneur is perseverance"

  • Entrepreneurs at the Sciences Po incubator ©Sciences PoEntrepreneurs at the Sciences Po incubator ©Sciences Po

Maxime Marzin, head of the Sciences Po business incubator, talked to us about the fantasies, setbacks and successes of the students he accompanies on the great adventure of entrepreneurship.

How does the Sciences Po incubator differ from those of other universities?

"10 reasons to choose Sciences Po"

  • Students ©Sciences PoStudents ©Sciences Po

Sciences Po hosts 13,000 students, half are international, representing 150 countries. International education, excellent academics, promising career prospects, vibrant student life, influential network… Discover ten of the many reasons why students from all over the world choose a Sciences Po education.

"A two-hour lecture has to be a one-man show"

  • Corporate strategy professor François Heilbronn ©Sciences PoCorporate strategy professor François Heilbronn ©Sciences Po

Each episode of “Prof.” takes you inside the classroom where you glimpse the relationship between a professor, his or her discipline, and the students.

In this episode of “Prof.”, corporate strategy professor François Heilbronn explains how the skills he gained in the army help him engage with his students during lectures.

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"My mentors told me "Be brave! Go for it!""

  • The class of 2016 on graduation day ©Suvaid YassinThe class of 2016 on graduation day ©Suvaid Yassin

Karim Goessinger has dual Egyptian and Austrian citizenship. In 2011, he watched the Egyptian revolution unfold from Paris where he was studying for a Master’s at Sciences Po. Having observed these events that changed Egyptian mentalities forever, Karim went back to Cairo after his Master’s and founded CILAS, the first Liberal Arts College in Egypt.

Why did you create a Liberal Arts College in Egypt?

Tips and tricks for your arrival in France and at Sciences Po

  • Students sitting on the Péniche at the Reims campus ©Martin ArgyrogloStudents sitting on the Péniche at the Reims campus ©Martin Argyroglo

La bise, La Péniche, Urkund.... Learn a few basics about daily life in France and at Sciences Po.

“La bise” is a custom you cannot escape

In France, almost every time you greet or say goodbye to someone, you have to “faire la bise”. Basically this means kissing each other’s cheeks, but there are subtle details to understand before you really master the art of “la bise”.

Fancy a 3D-printed bra?

  • Claire Chabaud ©Sciences PoClaire Chabaud ©Sciences Po

Claire Chabaud, a Master of Economics and Business student at Sciences Po, has just won first prize in the Bpifrance #PitchTonInno awards for students with her partner Anastasia Ruiz, a fashion design student at ESMOD. Thanks to the €30,000 FrenchTech grant this has earned them, the students' project for made-to-measure 3D-printed lingerie will be able to see the light of day. We talked to Claire.

Where did you get the idea of creating 3D-printed lingerie?

Sciences Po among the world's top research institutions in economics

  • L'entrée du 28 rue des Saints-Pères ©Sciences PoL'entrée du 28 rue des Saints-Pères ©Sciences Po

The 2016 Ideas Rankings for economics research have just been published. Computed using data from the RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) database, these rankings take into account scientific publications and citations from the past ten years. Sciences Po ranks among the top five percent of economics research institutions in the world alongside Harvard (in first place), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the London School of Economics (LSE).

"Entrepreneurship: why do young women hold back?"

  • Anne Boring ©Sciences PoAnne Boring ©Sciences Po

It's a fact: there are fewer female than male students involved in the start-ups incubated at Sciences Po. Economist Anne Boring specialises in gender inequality. She explains why young women may not feel legitimate enough to start a business and presents the initiatives Sciences Po is putting in place to help young women break the vicious circle of self-depreciation.

Why do young women seem to be more reluctant to start a business venture?

Anne Boring:

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