The Great Transition 2017/2018 - Final Jury

  • The Great Transition 2017/2018 - Final JuryThe Great Transition 2017/2018 - Final Jury

Presentation of 12 selected Group Projects developed in the context of the Great Transition course and identified as particularly promising.

The projects will be presented to a special jury of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and professionals:

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Leadership for a responsible future

Watch the interview with University of St.Gallen professor Omid Aschari
  • Omid Aschari at Sciences PoOmid Aschari at Sciences Po

On 22 November at Sciences Po, University of St.Gallen professor Omid Aschari gave a Master Class on effective leadership for a responsible future to students from the School of Management and Innovation. Professor Aschari teaches the University of St.Gallen’s flagship Master of Strategy and International Management programme.

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Humans of Paris

Meet Marco Hazan, student and photographer behind the Humans of Paris series
  • Marco Hazan ©Sciences PoMarco Hazan ©Sciences Po

Marco Hazan, a Master of Marketing and Market Research student at Sciences Po, is also the creator of the successful photographic series Humans of Paris, inspired by Humans of New York.

Marco is a photographer who loves Parisians and has been photographing people he comes across in the streets of Paris for several years. His Facebook page now has more than 300,000 fans. Watch our video portrait of a young photographer who believes that digital technology can serve to connect people and encourage a spirit of tolerance.

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Michelin-starred Chef gives a masterclass at Sciences Po

Watch the video with Chef Alain Passard
  • Alain Passard ©Douglas Mc WallAlain Passard ©Douglas Mc Wall

Alain Passard, French chef and owner of the three-star restaurant L'Arpege, came to Sciences Po on 8 November 2017 to give an exceptional masterclass to students from the School of Management and Innovation. Passard was the first chef to introduce "vegetable-based" cuisine with produce straight out of his gardens.

Since 2001, he has been at the forefront of this new trend at a time when ecology, food scandals and an awareness of animal suffering give ample reason to opt for more moderate meat consumption.

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From Judo Throws to Sciences Po

Lola Benarroche, Judo gold medallist and Marketing student
  • Lola Benarroche on the Sciences Po campus in Paris ©Christian BeaussierLola Benarroche on the Sciences Po campus in Paris ©Christian Beaussier

High-performance sport and Sciences Po: does that sound like an impossible mix? Not for Lola Benarroche, Master of Marketing student and judo gold medallist at the 2017 Universiades.

Admitted to Sciences Po through the programme for high-level athletes, Lola puts the same energy into preparing for her career transition into marketing at the School of Management and Innovation as she does into judo championships.

Find out what drives this 26-year-old judoka to spend her afternoons in lectures after strenuous mornings on the tatami mats.

"Ending poverty depends on public and private sector collaboration"

Gawad Kalinga executive director Jose Luis Oquinena
  • Jose Luis Oquiñena ©Sciences PoJose Luis Oquiñena ©Sciences Po

In a speech to students at the School of Management and Innovation, Jose Luis Oquinena, executive director of NGO Gawad Kalinga, made his point very clear: there will be no significant and sustainable advances in the fight against poverty without the investment and commitment of companies. Watch the video with Jose Luis Oquinena.

Inaugural Lesson SMI

"Rethinking Prosperity"
Conference with Bernard Stiegler and Round Table
  • Bernard StieglerBernard Stiegler

The School of Management and Innovation is pround to welcome its very first class of new students on the 30th of August.

"Rethinking Prosperity" : the subject of our inaugural session reflects the values and the identy of the School and will accompany us throughout the academic year.  

The two Co-Deans Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic and Benoît Thieulin will welcome students and guests at 4 pm in Emile Boutmy lecture hall  27, rue Saint Guillaume.

« Making the world a better place, one algorithm at a time »

Paul Duans speech at the graduation
  • Discours Paul DuanDiscours Paul Duan

Guest of honor at the graduation ceremony of the School of Management and Innovation, Paul Duan delivered a beautiful, very personal speech in front of graduates and their families sharing his quest for sense, his moments of doubt and the reassuring message that it's not a problem if you wonder who you are so long as you know why you do things !

 Paul Duan, data scientist, and creator of the NGO Bayes Impact which conceives social services using big data, he created a new portal for the French emplyemnt agency "Pôle emploi" to make job serach easier. 

Olivier Guillet appointed Executive Director

  • Olivier Guillet appointed Executive DirectorOlivier Guillet appointed Executive Director

Nominated by Marie-Laure Djelic and Benoît Thieulin co-Deans of the School of Management and Innovation, Olivier Guillet took up his position on the 3rd of July.

His mission is to accompany the strategic development and the managerial coordination of the School and more specifically the deployment of its new programmes, international recruitment as well as the development of innovating teaching methods in close coordination with the two co-Deans.

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Comm' as you are: spotlight on Denise Leroy

Archives École de la communication

Trying to find students to interview who come from distant and atypical lands is certainly the easiest part of my job, given the cultural palette that is present within the School of Communication. The hardest part is to try to settle on an appropriate hour and place where the interview can take place; it has been barely a week since school has been back on the menu and goodness me, we are already stuffed like turkeys at Thanksgiving.

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