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Paul Duans speech at the graduation
  • Discours Paul DuanDiscours Paul Duan

Guest of honor at the graduation ceremony of the School of Management and Innovation, Paul Duan delivered a beautiful, very personal speech in front of graduates and their families sharing his quest for sense, his moments of doubt and the reassuring message that it's not a problem if you wonder who you are so long as you know why you do things !

 Paul Duan, data scientist, and creator of the NGO Bayes Impact which conceives social services using big data, he created a new portal for the French emplyemnt agency "Pôle emploi" to make job serach easier. 

Olivier Guillet appointed Executive Director

  • Olivier Guillet appointed Executive DirectorOlivier Guillet appointed Executive Director

Nominated by Marie-Laure Djelic and Benoît Thieulin co-Deans of the School of Management and Innovation, Olivier Guillet took up his position on the 3rd of July.

His mission is to accompany the strategic development and the managerial coordination of the School and more specifically the deployment of its new programmes, international recruitment as well as the development of innovating teaching methods in close coordination with the two co-Deans.

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Comm' as you are: spotlight on Denise Leroy

Archives École de la communication

Trying to find students to interview who come from distant and atypical lands is certainly the easiest part of my job, given the cultural palette that is present within the School of Communication. The hardest part is to try to settle on an appropriate hour and place where the interview can take place; it has been barely a week since school has been back on the menu and goodness me, we are already stuffed like turkeys at Thanksgiving.

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Co-Dean Marie-Laure Djelic receives Legion of Honor

  • Ceremony Legion of Honor Marie-Laure DjelicCeremony Legion of Honor Marie-Laure Djelic

Our warmest congratulations to our Co-Dean Marie-Laure Djelic who received the Legion of Honor, the highest French decoration for outstanding merits during a lovely ceremony at the Hôtel de l'Artillerie.

"I feel more confident in my ability to achieve my professional goals"

Leila Tazi is a student in the one-year Master's programme in Corporate Strategy
  • Leila Tazi ©Sciences PoLeila Tazi ©Sciences Po

When Leila Tazi enrolled in the one-year Master’s programme in Corporate Strategy last September, she wasn't entirely confident of her ability to easily enter the job market. Only a few months after beginning the programme, she landed an internship with a leading consulting firm. Interview.

What is your educational and professional background?

"After ten years in banking, I wanted to do something good enough to put my name on"

  • Samuel Maruta in Vietnam ©Samuel MarutaSamuel Maruta in Vietnam ©Samuel Maruta

After ten years in the banking industry, Sciences Po alumnus Samuel Maruta aspired to do something simpler, more fulfilling and more creative. In 2011, he co-founded Marou Chocolate, a trendy artisanal chocolate brand made in Vietnam and distributed all over the world. Interview.

In 2011, you co-founded Marou Chocolate, a trendy artisanal chocolate brand made in Vietnam and distributed all over the world. How did you come to start a chocolate-making business? Can you tell us broadly about your career path after Sciences Po?

"We want to be part of the food revolution"

Camille Azoulai, Sciences Po student and co-founder of the startup Funky Veggie
  • Funky Veggie Burger ©Funky VeggieFunky Veggie Burger ©Funky Veggie

Camille Azoulai is a Master of Communication student at the Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation and co-founder of Funky Veggie, a food startup offering organic, vegan and gluten-free products. Interview.

Why did you choose to start a vegan food company?

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"I wanted to make sure my skills were still up to date"

  • Megan Carroll on the Sciences Po campus in Paris ©Sciences PoMegan Carroll on the Sciences Po campus in Paris ©Sciences Po

After ten years with General Electric, Megan Carroll wanted to make sure her skills were up to date and relevant to the European market. In September, she enrolled in the one-year Master’s programme in Financial Regulation and Risk Management on the Sciences Po campus in Paris.

Before you enrolled at Sciences Po, you worked for several years at General Electric in the banking sector. Why did you decide to go back to university?

Art Basel and the Artworld: The Transformative Decade

  • Mars Spiegler, Global Director, Art Basel ©Art BaselMars Spiegler, Global Director, Art Basel ©Art Basel

Art Basel's Global Director Marc Spiegler speaks to the Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation on how digitalism, globalism, wealth transfer and psychographic shifts have redefined the international art market.

40% of Sciences Po graduates are recruited prior to graduation

  • Sciences Po Business Fair ©Claire-Lise HavetSciences Po Business Fair ©Claire-Lise Havet

On 30 September, over 350 professionals from many different sectors took part in the Sciences Po Business Fair, where they got to meet Sciences Po students and recruit some of them before they have graduated! Hear from students and recruiters at the 2016 Sciences Po Business Fair.

Career prospects at Sciences Po

Figures based on the 2015 employment survey of Sciences Po graduates

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