What paths do our graduates take after Sciences Po?

Results of the 2018 Careers Survey
  • Graduate holding up his diploma ©Inspirience / Sciences PoGraduate holding up his diploma ©Inspirience / Sciences Po

According to our most recent careers survey, conducted with the Class of 2016, our graduates have no trouble integrating into the job market. 90.7% of those who chose to enter the workforce find employment within a year of completing their degree. For 69% that is work in the private sector and 34% go on to positions outside of France. Here’s the full low-down on the findings of the survey…

See the complete results of the survey (PDF, 697kb).

The survey in 5 key figures*

  • 81.3% of graduates responding to our survey made the decision to enter the workforce 
  • 90.7% are currently working (91% in 2016, 88.8% in 2015, 85.5% in 2014)
  • 83.7% found their first job within six months of graduating from Sciences Po (88.4% in 2016, 87% in 2015, 81% in 2014)
  • 69% work in the private sector (71% in 2016, 73% en 2015)
  • 34% work outside of France (35% in 2016, 38% in 2015)

40% of Sciences Po graduates are recruited prior to graduation

  • Sciences Po Business Fair ©Claire-Lise HavetSciences Po Business Fair ©Claire-Lise Havet

On 30 September, over 350 professionals from many different sectors took part in the Sciences Po Business Fair, where they got to meet Sciences Po students and recruit some of them before they have graduated! Hear from students and recruiters at the 2016 Sciences Po Business Fair.

Career prospects at Sciences Po

Figures based on the 2015 employment survey of Sciences Po graduates

Sciences Po among the world's top research institutions in economics

  • L'entrée du 28 rue des Saints-Pères ©Sciences PoL'entrée du 28 rue des Saints-Pères ©Sciences Po

The 2016 Ideas Rankings for economics research have just been published. Computed using data from the RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) database, these rankings take into account scientific publications and citations from the past ten years. Sciences Po ranks among the top five percent of economics research institutions in the world alongside Harvard (in first place), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the London School of Economics (LSE).

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