Comm' as you are: spotlight on Amy Hadfield

Comm' as you are: spotlight on Amy Hadfield

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Can the real Amy Hadfield please stand up?

The first person of the semester to undergo the “Comm’ as you are” gruelling drill of questions is Amy Hadfield. Her first answer to my first question, requiring her permission to enquire into her life stories and activities, was quite lukewarm: “Ok... I'm hesitant, but as long as you can promise there'll be loads of other people doing it, I'll give it a go.” So British. But I was not undeterred in my quest to bring out the real Amy Hadfield to the world.

Hailing from Robin Hood’s stronghold in the United Kingdom (Nottingham), this 23-year-old lady graduated from Oxford University with a BA in Modern Languages (French and Italian) and is currently enrolled in the first year of Master in Communications at Sciences Po, English Track.

Pros & Cons of Sciences Po

When asked about what would her dream job be, Amy is still uncertain (and she certainly isn’t alone in that case…). “To be honest I still don't quite understand what people in Communications do…” (They communicate?)

Pros: Amy likes “… the mix of people, from different backgrounds, countries and disciplines…” that is characteristic of the School of Communication, particularly in the English Track which boasts more than 20 nationalities. Her favourite class from the first semester is by far “Politics, Discourse and Branding”, taught by Professor Emilie L’Hote (a class that I highly recommend as well!)

Cons: Unsurprisingly, Amy has a huge beef with Sciences Po’s funky (to say the least) course registration process. Even veterans, such as myself, who are now in their 5thsemester of battling against those ominously labelled IPs still hurl in rage and pull out bits of hair from their scalps when the red letter day arrives. Another thing that infuriates Amy is the perpetually delayed allocation of scholarships; welcome to French bureaucracy!


What is your favourite song of the moment?: “La Marseillaise”. When in doubt, always go back to the classics! At least the French national anthem is an original way to begin the day in an upbeat fashion, especially when en route to 8am Wednesday classes. 

What do you do in your spare time (i.e. when you are not at Sciences Po?): “Sleep, and try to get Coronation Street on streaming.” (She also collects tea strainers as a hobby).

Name your favourite sandwich from the Sciences Po canteen (and alternatively, your worst): “Best: poulet crudités. Worst: poulet crudités.” It’s really hard to satisfy the British…

Amy politely declined to make any last comments for the first interview of the year. She has definitely set the tone: my interviewees will be tough cookies. And I intend to break through the dough of my fellow classmates, one by one, as the semester rolls by. You have been warned!

Sabrina Gooriah (@SGooriah

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