Congratulations to our 2019/20 International Job Market candidates!

Congratulations to our 2019/20 International Job Market candidates!

  • 2019/20 International Job Market2019/20 International Job Market

2019/20 was yet another excellent year for the Departments Junior Researchers!

Our PhD programme trains top economists who seek to pursue university and academic careers in France or abroad, as well as careers requiring high-level doctoral training: in international organisations, think tanks, research institutions, government agencies, banks, and insurance companies.

In 2019-20 our young doctors have been remarkably successful in securing positions in universities and other institutions across Europe and the US - despite the uncertainty created by the Covid-19 pandemic!

Nicolò DALVITNicolò DALVIT will be joining the World Bank as an Economist as of September 2020.

Nicolò DALVIT will be defending his PhD thesis in July entitled "Essays on Firms, Aggregate Uncertainty, and the Labor Market" (supervised by Jean-Marc ROBIN).

Research interests: Firm Dynamics, Labour Economics, Macroeconomics.

More about Nicolò DALVIT and his research


Charles LOUIS-SIDOISPost-Doctoral Researcher at the Universität of Mannheim, Charles LOUIS-SIDOIS will be joining the permanent faculty of the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Vienna University of Economics and Business) as Assistant Professor as of June 2020.

Charles LOUIS-SIDOIS was awarded a PhD in Economics in 2018 for his thesis "Trois essais en économie politique" (supervised by Emeric HENRY).

Research interests: Political Economy, Media Economics

More about Charles LOUIS-SIDOIS and his research


Ludovic PANONLudovic PANON will be joining the Bank of Italy as of September 2020 as a Research Fellow. The position will evolve in 2021 when he will become an Economist at the Directorate General for Economics, Statistics and Research.

Ludovic PANON will be defending his PhD thesis later this month, entitled "Essays in International Trade and Industrial Organization" (supervised by Thomas CHANEY).

Research interests: International Economics, Industrial Organisation. He is focusing in particular on understanding the impact of market structure distortions on prices and firm dynamics and understanding how trade policies shape competition.

More about Ludovic PANON and his research


Julien PASCALJulien PASCAL will be joining the Banque centrale du Luxembourg as an Economist as of September 2020.

Julien PASCAL will be defending his PhD thesis later this month entitled "Essays of Frictional Markets and Heterogeneity" (supervised by Jean-Marc ROBIN).

Research interests: Labour Economics, Macroeconomics, Urban Economics

More about Julien PASCAL and his research


Quentin VANDEWEYERCurrently an Economist (Graduate Programme) at the European Central Bank, Quentin VANDEWEYER will be joining the permanent faculty of the University of Chicago at the Booth Business School as an Assistant Professor of Finance.

Quentin VANDEWEYER was awarded a PhD in EConomics in 2019 for his thesis "Essays in Macroeconomics and Monetary Theory on the Consequences of Financial Crises" (supervised by Etienne WASMER).

Research interests: Macro-Finance, Asset Pricing, Monetary Economics.

More about Quentin VANDEWEYER and his research


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