Research design and methods for studies in political & social science in China with Prof. CUI Zhiyuan, Tsinghua University - May 24th, 14:45:
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You want to conduct a study, or to write a paper or a thesis related to political science or social science and in relation with the Chinese context? Seize the opportunity of learning practical advice and tips from a famous professor with a long experience both in the USA and in China, by exchanging with him on May 24th, at 14:45, room A 12.

Please see the announcement below and in the attached file, and please register to me. I have reserved the room until 16:45 but we may finish earlier, depending on your questions.

Prof. Cui will share his experience during the first 10-15 minutes, then leave place to your questions so that you may benefit from very practical advice. Your questions may be on the difficult access to the fieldwork or data, the blurry definitions of the concepts and statistics, the accuracy of Chinese statistics and data, the discrepancies between theory and practice, but also on practical details such as how interviewing Chinese experts, how to ask sensitive questions, how to interact with Chinese supervisor or scientists, how to find documents, or even advice for paper writing, publication, etc. 

Seminar - May 24th, 2018
Prof. CUI Zhiyuan, Tsinghua University

Research design and methods for studies in political & social science in China 

Time: May 24th, 14:45-16:45
Venue: Room A 12, 
Sciences Po, 27 rue Saint-Guillaume, 75007 Paris
Language: English
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Conducting research in social science in China or on China requires that researchers understand the socio-cultural context of academic interaction, scientific publication, access to resources such as documents, literature, or experts.

As a political scientist having conducted research in the United States and in China, Prof. Cui Zhiyuan has a long experience of both contexts. He will present his experience in both countries and give advice for efficient research in political science in China. Exchange and Q&A are welcome!

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