Marine Bourgeois

Marine Bourgeois

has just been awarded the 2018 Dalloz Prize in Political Science
  • Actualité Sciences PoActualité Sciences Po

for her doctoral thesis "Sorting and selection of the social housing populations. A comparative ethnography of three cities in France" which has been sustained on April 2017 under the supervision of Patrick Le Galès, Director of research at the CNRS/CEE, Dean of Sciences Po Urban School.

We extend our warmest congratulations.

Marine Bourgeois had previously received the special prize USH/CDC 2017 of the scientific article on social housing for her book chapter ; "Categorisations and discriminations at the social housing counter: comparing two territorial configurations", in Baudot, Pierre-Yves, Revillard, Anne (dir.), L'État des droits : Politique des droits et pratiques des institutions, Paris, Les Presses de Sciences Po – Académique, 2015.

She had also be awarded in 2012 one of the prizes of the IEP dissertations contest, organized by l'Harmattan publishing house. Her Master 2 thesis entitled "Managing on a daily basis social housing allocation. Ethnographic study in a public housing office", directed by Renaud Epstein, Sciences Po Saint-Germain-en-Laye lecturer in political science, was one of the 5 best studies chosen for publication by the publishing house.

Since february 2018, Marine has been a post-doctoral fellow at the Jean Monnet University in Saint-Etienne and a researcher at the Triangle laboratory. With Valérie Sala Pala and Rémi Dormois,Triangle laboratory. With Valérie Sala Pala and Rémi Dormois, she is currently coordinating a survey on intercommunality and settlement policies.


2018 Dalloz prize on Political science :

Under the 2018 programme (to be published in 2019) Dalloz publishing house will launch the publication of :

    • 10 dissertations in private and public law, selected through a contest
    • 3 dissertations in political science, selected through a contest

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