Best wishes from the Dean, PIERRE FRANÇOIS

Best wishes from the Dean, PIERRE FRANÇOIS

Dear All,

I would like to take this opportunity to present you my very best wishes for 2019. May the new year bring you success and serenity in your personal and professional projects !

In the flow of the academic year, the beginning of the calendar year intervenes as a comma which may seem like a setback. It may provide an opportunity to organise a sort of culmination, allowing to undertake  some kind of a stocktaking  and outlining a few lines for the months to come.  In 2018, 110 Masters students of the Doctoral School graduated, 46 Doctoral students defended their thesis and 11 obtained  their habilitation to conduct researches (HDR). 

While it is too early yet to draw up a statistical review of their professional future, I would point out that the previous cohorts' careers opportunities were excellent: in 2018, more than half of the Masters students  who graduated in 2016 entered the labour market and among them, two thirds found employment less than three months after their graduation.  Lastly, more than half of them found a permanent contract.

Our doctors enter the job market with an exceptional research experience, which allow them to publish in the best international journals and to have their theses rewarded with the most prestigious prizes. To cite only a few examples : 2 awards from the Chancellery of the Universities were awarded last year, one to Pascale Cornut-Saint-Pierre for her thesis in Law, the other to Simon Perego for his thesis in History. The "Best "Dissertation Award" from the American Sociological Association (ASA) awarded to Juliette Galonnier for her dissertation in sociology held as part of the double doctoral degree in sociology Sciences Po / Northwestern University (Chicago).

Many prizes have also been awarded to our Masters graduates. Here too, to name a few: the National Observatory Award for Student Life attributed to Pauline Proboeuf for her research dissertation in sociology or the "Prix de la Documentation Française 2018" awarded to Laurie Servières for her dissertation in political science.

The coming year will be an opportunity for us to extend the transformation effort of our school to maintain the research training offered at Sciences Po at the very top of the european ranks and to offer all our students the opportunity to be exposed to the advances of the most innovative research, its questions, its methods and its results. The coming year will see us continue our efforts to transform our teaching offer, make it more accessible to non-French speaking students, by expanding our training in the most advanced methods and offering to students from other schools of Sciences Po courses to train in research and its approaches.

Our links with our international partners will be renewed and consolidated for those who have been with us for several years - Columbia University or Northwestern University in the United States, the Max Planck Institute in Cologne, as well as those who link us up with privileged partners such as the European Institute of Florence or the University of Cambridge.

Thanks to the efforts of "Sciences Po Carrières" and to the mobilization of Carlo Barone, Professor of Sociology at Sciences Po and researcher at the OSC, we will have an unprecendented visibility on the future of our doctors, which will allow us to improve the quality of their professional integration. These are many exciting and decisive projects that the team of the Doctoral School, fully mobilized, has been trying to carry for many months and will lead with full energy !

The tremendous efforts of Sciences Po to become a major research university in the social sciences, find in the Doctoral School, its team, its teachers and its students, a relay of exceptional quality and commitment : thanks to all of you - and to all, again, my most sincere wishes for success for the coming year!


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