The médialab

Digital practices serving the social sciences and humanities

The medialab was created to explore ways in which the data and resources generated by the new information and communications technologies can be harnessed to the benefit of the social sciences. The development, diversification and ever-wider availability of digital technologies have brought about a revolution in analysis of social interactions, thanks to the traces left in cyberspace. However, we still need to invent the tools for processing and managing this digital data, which will give us the opportunity to fill in – finally - the gap between quantitative and qualitative methods. The medialab was set up in May 2009 to address this issue.

The medialab is a research tool dedicated to the social sciences and a fertile ground for collaboration between social scientists, engineers and designers. It is a high-tech facility, a hub for leading-edge research and a scientific toolkit at the service of the Sciences Po academic community. It also hopes to serve a wider community by establishing a platform for national and international collaboration.

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