In order to make Sciences Po accessible to all and promote academic success, Sciences Po has significantly improved its student support services.
These services are determined in conjunction with teacher and student representatives elected to the Joint Committee and the Board of Directors.  A report is presented to these bodies each year.  A monitoring group of teachers, students, and experts regularly meets to evaluate the support services and to propose new ideas.      

Funding from Sciences Po

The PhD contract

The doctoral contract is a 3-year employment contract allowing PhD students to conduct their research work in the best conditions.

The monthly gross income is of 1768.55 € on 1 February 2017 for research activities only, excluding any additional missions.

The admission to the doctoral contract is obtained essentially on the basis of academic excellence criteria.

It is at the time of your admission that you will be able to apply for a doctoral contract. You will then be asked, in the online application form, to validate questions about the funding.

See the page " PhD Study abroad "

American PhD scholarship

The Graduate school and the Centre des Amériques de Sciences Po [Sciences Po's Centre for the Americas] offer a series of American PhD scholarships.

Support for travel Sessions 2019

In order to help thesis students in 2016 conduct their research, the Graduate school offers financial aid to partially cover the cost of transportation, of participation in workshops, or of short research trips expected in 2019.

This year, there will be two calls.  The first one will take place in January, when most of the funds will be allocated.  The second one will take place in June/July and help PhD students with unforeseen travel or to pursue exceptional workshop opportunities.

Applicants must submit their request using this form, in addition to providing a recommendation from their thesis supervisor.  

Your application must include two files: one for the form, and the other for additional pieces, which must be numbered and compiled into one file.  

The two digital files must be labelled as follows:

  1. Last name First name Form.doc
  2. Last name First Name Additional pieces.pdf

Download the Form

Alliance Call for Doctoral Mobility

Created in 2002, Alliance is an innovative academic joint-venture between Columbia University and three major French institutions: the École PolytechniqueSciences Po, and Panthéon-Sorbonne University.

The aim of the venture is to pursue innovation in Education and Research between the four institutions by sharing knowledge, practices and resources. A laboratory for innovation, Alliance has become furthermore a major academic platform for transatlantic debate on global issues.

The Alliance Call for Doctoral Mobility is intended to support and finance transatlantic research projects of the highest quality, in all disciplines, from doctoral students affiliated to one of the four partner institutions.

More information

Agreement on a Funded Mobility

Consortium Mobility scheme for PhD students between Columbia University, New York London School of Economics and Political Science National University of Singapore and Sciences Po, Paris Columbia University, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the National University of Singapore (NUS), and Sciences Po agree in this document to provide both financial and administrative support to enable the mobility of doctoral students across the four institutions.

Please kindly note that the agreement is under review and we shall notify as soon as possible the opening of the call for 2019.

Other financial aid at Sciences Po

Prizes and calls for proposals (Current calls)

The Graduate school tracks outside sources of funding for PhD students.  These most often take the form of support for travel or financial support for publication.

See this regularly updated page

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