Exchange programme

Exchange programme

All Master’s level exchange students at Sciences Po study on the Paris campus. They take the same courses as students doing a degree programme at Sciences Po and form an integral part of the student community.

Eligibility criteria

The Master’s exchange programme is open to all students from partner universities who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (at least three full years of higher education).

Exchange students have access to the majority of Sciences Po’s Master’s programmes. However, certain programmes have linguistic and/or academic prerequisites. Students take the courses of the Master’s programme they are admitted to and cannot attend other Master’s level courses.

Master’s level exchange students can take courses in French, English or in both languages. The language proficiency required differs between programmes. For some programmes, applicants must have passed a French or English language test and send their certificate with the application. Some exemptions may apply.

Study credits

Students should check with their home university about requirements regarding the number of courses and the credits necessary to count towards their Master’s programme at their home university.
Students make take up to 30 ECTS credits per semester. The rating system is about the grade of 20. The grade 20/20 is the best one.  The respect of the academic rules and regulations, especially regarding the attendance, the exams and the plagiarism, is required for the validation of the courses, consult the student handbook.
The transcripts are sent by Sciences Po to the partner university which proceeds to the recognition of the curriculum done at Sciences Po.

Master’s programmes open to exchange students

Exchange students in graduate level can follow up to 2 courses of common core curriculum and one or two language courses.

The research Master’s programmes at the Sciences Po doctoral school are also open to exchange students The number of places open to exchange students is limited.

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