‘Behind the Curve’ (2018)

Séminaire des doctorants en droit : Law and Cinema Club (LCC)

Affiche Behind the Curve

The spread of the flat earth community around the globe and its ties with populist movements cannot be overlooked by the scholar seeking to understand what modernity does to society. Is it a coincidence that when sovereignty was theorised, the boundaries of our astrophysical world were also being challenged? We will address and discuss this question following Daniel J. Clark’s documentary: ‘Behind the Curve’ (2018).

His sociological study of the flat earth community movement suggests that something might be wrong with our modern cosmology and calls into question our ability to deal with flat earth theory without displaying complacent elitism or narrow-mindedness. 

For more information and future films suggestions: Edward van Daalen

Event details
Jeudi, 28 Novembre, 2019 - 17:45 - 19:45
Room 410T – 4th floor – 13 rue de l’Université
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