Capitalism in the Devil’s Paradise: A History of Law from the Rubber Lands 1875-1914


Filipe Antunes Madeira da Silva
PhD Candidate, Sciences Po Law School

The Devil’s Paradise was how the Putumayo district came to be known following the publication of a series of articles describing the atrocities committed by the Peruvian Amazon Company against its indigenous populations for the exploitation of rubber. The PILAGG discussion will examine the construction of territorial sovereignty in the Putumayo as part of a connected history of capitalism which aims at taking into account the interaction of legal processes taking place in a variety of locations at the intersection of public and private dynamics. It will focus on the role of law in the occupation of the Putumayo, as agents interested in the use and control of land used and interpreted concepts such as property and sovereignty to shape the emergence of a capitalist market in the region.

The program of the seminars is available on the Pilagg website.

IMPORTANT: Due to security measures, access to Sciences Po buildings is restricted. If you intend to attend the seminar, please send an email to indicating your full name. Security officers will be provided with the list of participants. Do not forget to bring a VALID ID.

Event details
Vendredi, 27 Avril, 2018 - 12:30 - 14:30
Sciences Po Law School - 13 rue de l’université - 75007 Paris - Room 410 T
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