A Political Economy of Contemporary Legality

A Political Economy of Contemporary Legality

Pr Duncan Kennedy
  • Professor Duncan KennedyProfessor Duncan Kennedy

The Sciences Po Law School and the Doctoral Program are pleased to invite you to the seminar by Professor Duncan Kennedy.

Professor Duncan Kennedy shared the following three questions that could inspire the discussion:

  1. This piece is based mainly on an account of American legality and it makes claims about the development of the Western European story; do you find the American story useful for understanding the European situation or are they too different? Why?
  2. Other than Wester Europe, do you consider this story useful to understand your own country? If not, what do you consider the principal differences between what Prof. Kennedy describes and your country's legal order?
  3. Professor Kennedy makes a statement at the beginning of the article about using political economy as a method. Do you consider this legal scholarship or not? Has your own work been informed by this method? 

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Date de l'événement : 
Jeudi, 14 Mai, 2020 - 17:30 - 19:30
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