The Birds

The Birds

Doctoral Candidate Seminar: Law & Cinema Club featuring Pr Geoffrey Samuel
  • The Birds (1963)The Birds (1963)

Because we often fail to understand the source of an inexpressible fright, terror and fear are feelings difficult to control. Shaping our collective imaginary, a long line of directors have tried to project fear on stretched mouths, in eyes wide open, and through desperate screams. One year after the declaration of the first European covid-19 “red-zone”, the Law and Cinema club proposes to confront and reflect on these primitive human emotions and our responses to them with a timeless classic. Prepare your windpipes and vocal chords for Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece: THE BIRDS (1963).

In quiet Bodega Bay, a small fishermen village not far from San Francisco, flocks of birds start attacking people, turning the normality of everyday life at the local café, at school, or at the gas station into a living nightmare. During the ensuing hysteria, several fundamental questions keep circling between the protagonists: Why are they doing this? Who is responsible? How to respond?
In a pandemic world that keeps surprising us with twists and turns, Hitchcock’s metaphor seems better and better suited to question our collective behavior and responses. And how to understand the role of law at the national and international level? Which new boundaries have arisen and who are the main actors responsible in the world of today and tomorrow? The Law and Cinema Club invites all PhD’s and faculty members to join us in discussing these and other burning questions.

The seminar will be opened with a presentation by Geoffrey Samuel, Professor of Law (Kent Law School) and cinefille.

The idea is that the film is watched individually beforehand. More practical information on how to do so will be provided by email after registering.

We hope to see you then!
The Law and Cinema Team (Louis HillVittoria Becci and Edward van Daalen) 

Invite-only event.

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Mercredi, 24 Février, 2021 - 18:00
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