Alberto Rinaldi a soutenu sa thèse avec succès

Alberto Rinaldi a soutenu sa thèse avec succès

Bravo Docteur !
  • Alberto Rinaldi et les membres de son jury de thèseAlberto Rinaldi et les membres de son jury de thèse

Congratulations to Alberto Rinaldi, who defended his doctoral thesis entitled “From Byron to the Islamic State: exploring the figure of the ‘foreign combatant’ in international law (1907-present)”, on December 10, 2019.

In his thesis, conducted under the supervision of Professors Emmanuelle Jouannet and Mikhaïl Xifaras, Alberto explores the figure of the ‘foreign fighter’ from a cultural point of view.

By taking a detour in the recent history of civil war (the Spanish civil war, the Angolan civil war and the Syrian civil war), his thesis shows how different cultural figures of the foreign combatant have actually informed and keep informing the legal conversations of state representatives, policymakers, international lawyers and national courts in very different times and places. The romantic adventurer, the committed idealist, the racist, right-wing mercenary and only recently the jihadist ‘terrorist’, are all culturally-embedded, ambivalent figures which linger at the back of the various decisionmakers’ arguments and positions, shaping their legal imaginaries and the way in which legal actors think and produce the law related with ‘foreign fighters’.

The jury was composed of:

  • Mr Jean d’Aspremont, Professor of International Law, Sciences Po School of Law
  • Mr Martti Koskenniemi, Professor of International Law, University of Helsinki
  • Mr Luigi Nuzzo (Rapporteur), Professore Ordinario in Storia del Diritto Medievale e Moderno, Università del Salento
  • Mrs Anne Orford (Rapporteur), Distinguished Professor of International Law, Melbourne Law School

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisors, Professor Emmanuelle Jouannet and Professor Mikhail Xifaras, for having believed in my project and having supported me throughout its various stages. I also wish to thank the Sciences Po Law School for providing me with outstanding resources and a thrilling environment where to complete my thesis in the best possible working conditions”, Alberto Rinaldi.

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