Rinaldi, Alberto

Alberto Rinaldi

Alberto is an Italian doctoral candidate at Sciences Po Law School. His thesis, "From Foreign Volunteers to Enemies of Humanity: Making ‘Foreign Fighters’ in International Law", focuses on the legal construction of the ‘foreign fighter’ in twentieth century international law.

Alberto works under the supervision of Professor Mikhaïl Xifaras and Professor Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet. He is particularly interested in the public/private distinction in warfare, the intersection of human rights and humanitarian law, and the balance between terrorism and human rights law.

He is also working on a side-project called From Byron to the Islamic State: Reading ‘Foreign Fighters’ in International Law, focusing on a critical reading of the writings and the personal stories of foreign volunteers, mercenaries and jihadists, as a lens through which enlarge the histories of international law, out of a purely state-centric perspective.

For the last two years, Alberto has thought the seminar class Introduction to Public International Law in the Reims and Le Havre campuses, and he is now teaching a Law Major Class in the campus of Le Havre called Terrorism, War and Human Rights.

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