Herrera, Joachim-Nicolas

Joachim-Nicolas Herrera is a Ph.D. Candidate in Law, working under the supervision of Prof. Louis Assier-Andrieu, in the borderland between law, history, anthropology and economics. His research focuses on how economic reasoning affects legal rationality and normativity.

He holds a Bachelor in social sciences, cum laude, and a Master in economic law, cum laude, from Sciences Po; as well as a Licence in philosophy, mention bien, and a Master in political philosophy and ethics, mention bien, from the Sorbonne.

Joachim was a teaching fellow in Michael Sandel’s class “Money, Markets and Morals” at Harvard. At Sciences Po, he has created and taught three undergraduate classes: “Anthropology of French and American Laws,” “Anthropology of Trade and Exchange,” “Anthropology of Western Rationality.”

Joachim’s other scholarly interests include financial regulation and artificial intelligence.

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