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Due to the international nature of the Sciences Po Law School's faculty, some biographies are only available in French.

Saada, Julie

  • Philosophy of law
  • Modern and contemporary political philosophy
  • Philosophy of international law: theories of criminal justice, ethics and law of war, post-war, Human Rights
  • Critical approaches to law
  • Law and literature, law and humanities

Tourme-Jouannet, Emmanuelle

  • International law
  • Human Rights
  • Legal History and philosophy of law
  • Conflict of laws and cross-boarder litigation

Tusseau, Guillaume

  • Constitutional law and political institutions
  • Consitutional litigation
  • Comparative law
  • Legal Theory

Waked, Dina

  • Law and Economics
  • Global Competition Law and Antitrust 
  • Regulation
  • Development 

Xifaras, Mikhaïl

  • Legal Theory
  • History of legal thought
  • Property Theory

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