Paris Trade Seminar via Zoom - May 25th

Paris Trade Seminar via Zoom - May 25th

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Paola Conconi

Paola CONCONI is Professor of Economics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), a member of the European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics (ECARES) and Research Associate of the Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS). She is also a CESifo and CEPR Research Fellow as well as the Director of the CEPR Research Network on Global Value Chains, Trade and Development.

Her main research interests are in international trade, firm organisation, and political economy. She was recently awarded an Advanced Research Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) to study the interplay between trade agreements and supply chains.

Paola CONCONI will present a paper, joint with Chad BOWEN, Aksel ERBAHAR, and Lorenzo TRIMARCHI, at the next Paris Trade Seminar via Zoom on the theme:

Trade Protection Along Supply Chains (read paper)

More about Paola CONCONI and her research

Date: Tuesday, May 25th - 2:30 PM
Location: Zoom 

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