Julia CAGÉ is Næss Chair on Global Justice and the Environment (UiO)

Julia CAGÉ is Næss Chair on Global Justice and the Environment (UiO)

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The University of Oslo (UiO) announced in late August the 2021 Arne Næss Chair in Global Justice and the Environment:  faculty member Julia CAGÉ is the new chairholder. 

The Arne Næss Programme seeks to "stimulate creative research and debate on the philosophical, ethical and legal dimensions of socio-environmental challenges of our time ". The Chair is awarded every year to a scholar, leader or activist of international renown. Past recipients have included Eva JOLY and Anthony GIDDENS.

Julia CagéJulia CAGÉ, Associate Professor (with tenure) at the Department, is particularly interested in media economics, political participation and political attitudes. She is the Co-Director of the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP)’s “Evaluation of Democracy” research group. Among her editorial duties, she has just been appointed Co-Editor of Oxford’s Journal of Economics, Law and Organization (JELO).

Last year she was awarded a prestigious ERC Starting Grant for a five-year project on “Campaign finance, Information and Influence: A Comprehensive Approach Using Individual-Level Data and Computer Sciences Tools” (PARTICIPATE) – read interview with Julia CAGÉ.

Book cover The Price of Democracy
Julia CAGÉ is also well-known to the general public through her books.
Her critically acclaimed work « The Price of Democracy » (at Fayard in 2018, English edition at Harvard University Press, 2020) was awarded the Prix Pétrarque de l’essai by Le Monde and France Culture in 2019. According to the Arne Næss Programme Director Nina WITOSZEK, it is a « work (that) should be read by all social democrats – if there are any left. Her extraordinary book, The Price of Democracy, is not just a work of lazy deconstruction of predatory capitalism: it puts the financial responsibility for democracy – and for social and environmental justice - squarely in the hands of citizens ».

Julia CAGÉ will be giving the keynote lecture at the 2021 Arne Næss on September 23rd on « Rethinking Democracy: Steps to Political Equality and Social and Environmental Justice ». She will explain «why neither the traditional social democratic parties, nor populist upstarts, have ever really addressed social inequalities and environmental rights… (and propose) concrete strategies to increase citizen’s political power and ensure environmental justice

Congratulations to Julia CAGÉ!

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