Friday Seminar via Zoom - June 18th

Friday Seminar via Zoom - June 18th

  • Paper in a typewriter on which it is written "New Research"Paper in a typewriter on which it is written "New Research"

Marleen Marra

Marleen MARRA is Assistant Professor at the Department since 2019, the same year she defended her PhD thesis at the University College London (UCL). Prior to her academic career, Marleen worked at the research departments of the World Bank and the European Commission.

Her research focuses on the structural analysis of industries and bidding markets, with the aim to inform public policy. She combines game theory and econometric models to analyse strategic choices of firms and individuals. She is particularly interested in questions related to entry in auctions, auction platforms, and transport settings.

Marleen MARRA will present a paper, joint with Florian OSWALD, at the next Friday Seminar via Zoom on the theme:

Location choice of London bus operators: Optimal Hotelling or market division? (abstract to follow)

More about Marleen MARRA and her research

Date: Friday, June 18th - 12:30 PM
Location: Zoom

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