Departmental Seminar via Zoom - Nov 23rd

Departmental Seminar via Zoom - Nov 23rd

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Konrad Burchardi

Konrad BURCHARDI is Assistant Professor of Economics at the Institute for International Economic Studies of the University of Stockholm. He is also a Research Affiliate of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and Affiliate of the CESifo Network.

His research studies the process of economic growth and the importance of social structure for international economic development. He is currently working on projects which seek to understand, both theoretically and empirically, the sources of resource misallocation and low aggregate productivity in developing countries.

Konrad BURCHARDI will present a paper at the next Departmental Seminar via Zoom, on the theme:

Credit Constraints and Capital Allocation in Agriculture: Theory and Evidence from Uganda (paper to follow)

More about Konrad BURCHARDI and his research

Location: Zoom 
Time: 2:45 PM


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