Friday Seminar via Zoom - June 18th

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Marleen Marra

Marleen MARRA is Assistant Professor at the Department since 2019, the same year she defended her PhD thesis at the University College London (UCL). Prior to her academic career, Marleen worked at the research departments of the World Bank and the European Commission.

Her research focuses on the structural analysis of industries and bidding markets, with the aim to inform public policy. She combines game theory and econometric models to analyse strategic choices of firms and individuals. She is particularly interested in questions related to entry in auctions, auction platforms, and transport settings.

Marleen MARRA will present a paper, joint with Florian OSWALD, at the next Friday Seminar via Zoom on the theme:

Location choice of London bus operators: Optimal Hotelling or market division? (abstract to follow)

More about Marleen MARRA and her research

Date: Friday, June 18th - 12:30 PM
Location: Zoom

Departmental Seminar via Zoom - June 14th

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Abhijit Banerjee

Abhijit Vinayak BANERJEE is the Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 2003 he co-founded the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), with Esther DUFLO and Sendhil MULLAINATHAN, and he remains one of the Lab’s Directors. He is a past President of the Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development, a Research Associate of the NBER, a CEPR Research Fellow, International Research Fellow of the Kiel Institute, a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Econometric Society. He has been a Guggenheim Fellow, an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow and a winner of the Infosys Prize.

His research focuses on economic development, information theory, theory of income distribution, and macroeconomics. He is the author of a large number of articles and four books, including Poor Economics, which won the Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year, and Good Economics for Hard Times, both co-authored with Esther DUFLO. He is the editor of three more books and has directed two documentary films.

Abihijit BANERJEE has served on the U.N. Secretary-General’s High-level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. He is a co-recipient of the 2019 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel for his groundbreaking work in development economics research.

Abhijit BANERJEE will present a paper at our final Departmental Seminar of the academic year, on the theme:

Trust and Efficiency in the Market for Healthcare in Low-income Countries (paper to follow)

More about Abhijit BANERJEE and his research

Date: Monday, June 14th - 2:45 PM
Location: Zoom


Pierre CAHUC appointed to the Institut universitaire de France

  • Pierre CAHUC @Alexis Lecomte/Sciences PoPierre CAHUC @Alexis Lecomte/Sciences Po

Institut universitaire de France logo

For the third year in a row, the Institut universitaire de France (IUF) has chosen one of the Department's permanent faculty members to join its ranks: Jean-Marc ROBIN was appointed Senior Member in 2019, Ghazala AZMAT was appointed Junior Member in 2020 and this year Pierre CAHUC is an IUF Laureate for the innovative nature of his research in labour economics, whether it be the public policies or the microeconomics dimensions of the labour market. He is appointed to the IUF for five years.

Created 30 years ago, the IUF seeks to promote high-level research in universities and to strengthen interdisciplinarity. Every year, the IUF selects new members on the basis of a competitive application procedure - the laureates must demonstrate that they have undertaken innovative and promising research, but must also show creativity, leadership and the ability to share the results of their work with a wide public.

Pierre CAHUC is Professor of Economics at the Department which he joined in 2018. He is a Research Fellow at CEPR as well as at IZA, where he directs the "Labour Markets" research programme. He also co-directs Sciences Po's Chair Sécurisation des parcours professionnels. He is Senior Editor of Economic Policy and Editor of the IZA Journal of Labor Economics. He was a member of the Conseil d'Analyse Economique from 2006 to 2010 and from 2012 to 2016. Prior to joining the Department, he was Professor at École Polytechnique and at École nationale de la statistique et de l'administration économique (ENSAE), where he was the Head of Economic Research at CREST as well as Director of CREST’s Macroeconomic Laboratory.

Congratulations to Pierre CAHUC!

More about Pierre CAHUC and his research
IUF announcement of 2021 Laureates (link in French)

PhD Day via Zoom - June 11th

  • Paper in a typewriter on which it is written "New Research"Paper in a typewriter on which it is written "New Research"

This year the Department is dedicating June 11th to our PhD students on Zoom, COVID-19 obliged. Our first year students will have the opportunity to present their work for the first time to their peers and faculty members. 

First time presentations can be daunting - save the date and come join us to warmly support our first year PhD Candidates !

  • 10.15–10.45 Leonard LE ROUX : Traditional leaders and local government in South Africa (thesis supervisor: Benjamin Marx
  • 10.45–11.15 Kevin PARRA RAMIREZ : Exchange of information and bank deposits in international financial centres (thesis supervisor: Philippe Martin
  • 11.15–11.30 Break 
  • 11.30–12.00 Nourhan HASHISH : The Egyptian Public Sector Minimum Wage: A Driver for Married Females Labor Force Participation? (thesis supervisor: Sergeï Guriev
  • 12.00–12.30 Mylene FEUILLADE : Within- and Between-City Real Income Disparities (thesis supervisor: Pierre-Philippe Combes)
  • 12.30–13.45 Lunch Break 
  • 13.45–14.15 Juan Sebastian IVARS : Team performance and market competition (thesis supervisor: Jeanne Hagenbach
  • 14.15–14.45 Moritz HENGEL : Hosting Media Bias: Evidence from the Universe of French Television and Radio shows (2002-2020) (thesis supervisor: Julia Cagé
  • 14.45–15.00 Break 
  • 15.00–15.30 Valentin MARCHAL : Is a low-inflation target compatible with degrowth? (thesis supervisor: Stéphane Guibaud
  • 15.30–16.00 Clemens GRAF VON LUECKNER : Decrypting Hidden Capital Flows (thesis supervisor: Stéphane Guibaud)

When ? Friday, JUNE 11th, 2021 - 10:15 AM to 4 PM
Where ? Join on Zoom (link to follow)
* For students whose internet connection is not optimal, they may present their work in Room H 405 (28, rue des Saints Pères)

Paris Trade Seminar via Zoom - June 8th

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Maarten BOSKER

Maarten BOSKER is Full Professor at the Erasmus School of Economics of Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is also a Research Fellow at the Centre of Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and at the Tinbergen Institute, and is a Research Network Fellow at CESifo.

His research interests lie in applied econometrics, trade and economic development, economic geography, and urban history. 

Maarten BOSKER will present a paper, joint with Sophie DE VRIES ROBBÉ, at the next Paris Trade Seminar via Zoom on the theme:

Desarrollo alternativo: the Sensitivity of Colombian Coca Production to Legal Commodity Price Shocks (read Abstract, PDF 53.47 KB)

More about Maarten BOSKER and his research

Date: Tuesday, June 8th - 2:30 PM
Location: Zoom (link to follow)

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