Job Market Candidates 2021-22

In 2021/22, six of our current PhD candidates or young doctors will be heading on to the international job market. 


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Vladimir AVETIAN

Vladimir Avetian

Vladimir AVETIAN
is a PhD Candidate in Economics at Sciences Po.
He is also currently a Teaching Fellow (A.T.E.R.) at the Department.

Supervisor : Sergeï GURIEV

Research Interests : Political Economy; Urban Economics

Job Market Paper : 
Consider the Slavs: Overt Discrimination and Racial Disparities in the Rental Housing 

References : Sergeï GURIEV (Sciences Po); Pierre-Philippe COMBES (Sciences Po); Florian OSWALD (Sciences Po, on leave at Bocconi)

To learn more about Vladimir AVETIAN, consult his website


Oliver Cassagneau Francis

Oliver CASSAGNEAU-FRANCIS is a PhD Candidate in Economics at Sciences Po.

Supervisor : Ghazala AZMAT and Jean-Marc ROBIN

Research Interests : Labour Economics; Skills and Human Capital; Applied Microeconometrics

Job Market Paper :
The Returns to Higher Education by Skills and Ability

References : Ghazala AZMAT (Sciences Po); Jean-Marc ROBIN (Sciences Po); Robert GARY-BOBO (University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne)

To learn more about Oliver CASSAGNEAU-FRANCIS, consult his website


Pauline Corblet

is a PhD Candidate in Economics at Sciences Po.

Supervisor : Alfred GALICHON

Research Interests : Matching Theory; Labour Economics; Structural Econometrics

Job Market Paper :

Education Expansion, Technological Change, and the Decreasing Education Wage Premium 

References : Moshe BUCHINSKY (Sciences Po); Alfred GALICHON (NYC Paris/Sciences Po); Jean-Marc ROBIN (Sciences Po)

To learn more about Pauline CORBLET, consult her website


Alaïs Martin-Baillon

Alaïs MARTIN-BAILLON is a PhD Candidate in Economics at Sciences Po.

Supervisor : Xavier RAGOT

Research Interests : Heterogeneous Agents; Firms; Fiscal Policy & Monetary Policy

Job Market Paper :
When should we tax firms ? Optimal corporate taxation with firm heterogeneity 

References : Florin BILBIIE (UNIL), Xavier RAGOT (Sciences Po), Gilles SAINT-PAUL (PSE/ENS), Mirko WIEDERHOLT (LMU Munich/Sciences Po)

To learn more about Alaïs MARTIN-BAILLON, consult her website


Clément Mazet-SonilhacClément MAZET-SONILHAC is currently a Research Economist at the Banque de France and an Associate Researcher at the Collège de France Economics of Innovation Lab. He was awarded his PhD in Economics from Sciences Po in June 2021.

Supervisor : Thomas CHANEY

Research Interests : Corporate Finance; International Trade; Information Frictions

Job Market Paper :
Information Frictions in Credit Markets 

References : Thomas CHANEY (USC/Sciences Po); Thierry MAYER (Sciences Po); Philippe AGHION (LSE/INSEAD/Collège de France)

To learn more about Clément MAZET-SONILHAC, consult his website

Julia MINK

Julia Mink

Julia MINK is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at theFrench National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE). She was awarded her PhD in Economics from Sciences Po in October 2021.

Supervisors : Etienne WASMER and Olivier ALLAIS

Research Interests : Health and Environmental Economics; Quasi-Experimental Methods; Spatio-Temporal Analysis

Job Market Paper :
Putting a Price Tag on Air Pollution: the Social Health Care Costs of Air Pollution in France (read paper)

References : Yann ALGAN (HEC Paris/Sciences Po); Olivier ALLAIS (INRA); Etienne WASMER (NYUAB/Sciences Po); Sergeï GURIEV (Sciences Po)

To learn more about Julia MINK, consult her website

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