Empirical Industrial Organisation and Microeconometrics Seminar (Empirical IO)

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The Empirical IO / Microeconometrics Seminar was added to the Department's seminar series during the Winter/Spring Semester in 2020.

It focuses on research that combines methodological and empirical components, with topics in industrial organisation and applied microeconomics. It invites leading international scholars in these fields to present their recent work and creates a forum to promote and exchange ideas. Faculty and students from all fields are welcome to the seminar. Individual meetings scheduled during the day provide further opportunity to engage with the speaker.

The seminar is organised by Marleen MARRA and Junnan HE.

Upcoming Empirical IO Seminar


September 13th - Fabiano SCHIVARDI (LUISS University)
Are Executives in Short Supply? Evidence from Death Events
*exceptionally online*

September 27th - Giacomo CALZOLARI (European University Institute)
Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Recommendations and Competition

October 11th - Liyang SUN (CEMFI)
Empirical Welfare Maximization with Constraints

November 8th - Dmitry ARKHANGGELSKY (CEMFI)
Double-Robust Two-Way-Fixed-Effects Regression For Panel Data

November 22nd - Laura GRIGOLON (University of Mannheim)

December 6th - Bryan GRAHAM (University of California at Berkeley)

winter-spring semester 2023

Schedule coming soon !

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