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  • Sciences Po : 31 may – 4 June 2017 PIMUN : Paris International Model United Nations

    Farshid Farouk, student at Sciences Po

    The interest for Sciences Po to welcome PIMUN is to truly capture the ideas and values of the United Nations, with this worldwide conference centered around students.

    Ingemarie Bergman, student at University college Roosevelt Netherlands

    I feel it is a very good opportunity to meet people, from around new places, new points of views. And it offers you an opportunity to really look at things from different perspectives because you are representing a country that is not necessarily your own.

    Lucia Avendano, Alba Gardia, students at Universidad Juan Carlos, Spain.

    It’s a great opportunity to meet people, and to learn lots of things about other cultures, other countries and interesting topics like the one we are talking or discussing about : the protection of women in conflict areas and civil wars.

    Ingemarie Bergman, student at University college Roosevelt Netherlands

    Currently we are discussing topics with regards to the Geneva convention, and additional protocols. We have so far discussed the legislation around drones, specifically military drones being used for aerial attacks, and surveillance.

    Edouard Hargrove, student at University of Exeter, England

    I am representing the delegation of Argentina, and this is the committee for the weaponization and proliferation of weapons in outer space.

    Farshid Farouk, student at Sciences Po

    The main theme of  PIMUN this year is called “Pioneering in new world order”. It is taking into account new countries that are emerging out on the international scene.

    Edouard Hargrove, student at University of Exeter, England

    So it is quite complicated given that different countries have different positions, but on Sunday, the point is to represent your country, try and have a means of finding a consensus for international cooperation. Usually, it might quite a vague consensus, but anything that we can achieve is always movement and progress in the right direction.

    Farshid Farouk, student at Sciences Po

    It is an excellent exercise to sharpen skills, including diplomacy, negotiation, resolution writing, and to have a better idea and understanding of the international framework of the United Nations.

    Mélanie Villard, student at Université Jean Moulin, Lyon

    Obviously, I would love to work in the field of diplomacy. However, I am doing much more for getting competencies.

    Xuan Chen, student at Imperial College, London

    For me, it is more like developing my own skills, like public speaking.

    Ingemarie Bergman, student at University college Roosevelt Netherlands

    I would love to be a judge, in an international court if possible.

    Titouan Le Falher, student at IRIS, Paris

    I want to work in the cooperation, in development.

    Xuan Chen, student at Imperial College, London

    The key thing to know is that diplomacy is key in every area of life. It is not just diplomatic careers. For example, I am going to work in finance, I think people skills are very, very important.

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