Summer in Paris is a moveable feast

Summer in Paris is a moveable feast

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  • Students strolling along the Seine ©Manuel Braun, 2016Students strolling along the Seine ©Manuel Braun, 2016

Every summer, Sciences Po opens the doors of its Parisian campus to students from all over the world for the Sciences Po Summer School. An exceptional opportunity for cultural exchange, immersion and discovery, this year’s activities programme includes theatre and cinema outings, wine tasting classes, day trips to Monet’s home and garden in Giverny, the Loire Valley castles, Normandy, Reims and more. Discover in this video some of the highlights of the 2017 edition from the students themselves.

More about the Sciences Po Summer School

“It’s a unique opportunity to learn about French history, literature or politics in class, and then to be able to see the monuments, museums, and places where it all happened or is still happening,” says Tim, a student from Germany.

With 430 students representing almost 80 different nationalities, the Summer School is a microcosm of Sciences Po’s multicultural student body. Being an international student in Paris doesn’t mean a one-way cultural exchange: “You meet so many people from a variety of backgrounds, and it’s enriching to learn about each other’s cultures while you’re all learning about French culture together,” explains Thomas, a student from Ireland.

“Not just a tourist”

Ultimately, these insights into a new city and culture remain one of the most significant lessons students take away from their time at Sciences Po. “Living in Paris is a different lifestyle than what I’m used to, but now I’m learning to live like a Parisian and exploring the city on my own terms,” concludes Yiyi, from China. “You don’t get this experience when you’re just here as a tourist. When you live here longer, you start to feel the vibe of the city and understand its dynamics.”

The Summer School is currently accepting applications for its 2018 University Programme and Pre-College Programme. Apply now!

Application deadlines

  • University Programme June session: 15 April 2018
  • University Programme July session : 15 May 2018
  • Pre-College Programme : 2 May 2018

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