"The best of both worlds"

"The best of both worlds"

Rosalyn Jeffries is enrolled on the Dual BA degree between Sciences Po and UC Berkeley
  • Rosalyn Jeffries, dual degree student ©Sciences PoRosalyn Jeffries, dual degree student ©Sciences Po

Undergraduate College student Rosalyn Jeffries chose the dual degree between Sciences Po and the University of California, Berkeley to get the “best of both worlds”: a strong base in the social sciences with an international exposure and a precise geographic focus, enriched by a traditional American college experience.

The Dual BA degree with University of California, Berkeley​

​Students spend two years at Sciences Po, on the Reims, Menton or Le Havre Campus and two years at UC Berkeley. Students focus on the social sciences at Sciences Po, and are free to choose their major at UC Berkeley. The Programme is in English with no prior study of French required.

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