120 Mastercard Scholars to study at Sciences Po

An exceptional scholarship programme for students from Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Sarah Indahy Malgasy student ©Sciences PoSarah Indahy Malgasy student ©Sciences Po

As of 2017, Sciences Po and the Mastercard Foundation provide full scholarships to students with great academic potential and limited financial resources. Over six years, this program will support 120 students from Sub-Saharan Africa admitted to its undergraduate, graduate and summer programs. This exceptional scholarship program aims to recruit talented students who aspire to shape the future of the African continent and help them develop their full potential.

"The best of both worlds"

Rosalyn Jeffries is enrolled on the Dual BA degree between Sciences Po and UC Berkeley
  • Rosalyn Jeffries, dual degree student ©Sciences PoRosalyn Jeffries, dual degree student ©Sciences Po

Undergraduate College student Rosalyn Jeffries chose the dual degree between Sciences Po and the University of California, Berkeley to get the “best of both worlds”: a strong base in the social sciences with an international exposure and a precise geographic focus, enriched by a traditional American college experience.

Launch of the professional certificate for refugees

A new programme at Sciences Po
  • Students working together ©Sciences PoStudents working together ©Sciences Po

Sciences Po has decided to take its action for refugee students further: starting in September 2018, Sciences Po will offer young refugees a Professional Certificate programme aimed at facilitating their integration onto the job market.

Since 2016, Sciences Po has welcomed 80 student refugees and asylum seekers thanks to the « Welcome Refugees » system. Mohammad Ewaz, a refugee and student at Sciences Po, shares in this video his experience at Sciences Po.

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Summer in Paris is a moveable feast

Learn about the Sciences Po Summer School
  • Students strolling along the Seine ©Manuel Braun, 2016Students strolling along the Seine ©Manuel Braun, 2016

Every summer, Sciences Po opens the doors of its Parisian campus to students from all over the world for the Sciences Po Summer School. An exceptional opportunity for cultural exchange, immersion and discovery, this year’s activities programme includes theatre and cinema outings, wine tasting classes, day trips to Monet’s home and garden in Giverny, the Loire Valley castles, Normandy, Reims and more. Discover in this video some of the highlights of the 2017 edition from the students themselves.

"There's something special about moving far from your comfort zone"

Evangeline Larsen, a student from Sydney
  • Evangeline Larsen ©Sciences PoEvangeline Larsen ©Sciences Po

Evangeline Larsen was born and raised in Australia. Last year, after completing high school at Oxley College in Burradoo, New South Wales, she began the Sciences Po-University of Sydney dual BA programme.

Commited to Africa

Romaric Compaoré, Sciences Po student from Burkina Faso
  • Romaric Compaoré ©Didier Pazery / Sciences PoRomaric Compaoré ©Didier Pazery / Sciences Po

Romaric Compaoré comes from Burkina Faso and is working on a project to facilitate access to water in his village. Romaric is part of the first cohort of Sciences Po - MasterCard Foundation Scholars, a programme to educate and support bright young African students with a personal commitment to changing the world around them.

This summer, experience college life at Sciences Po

Discover our Summer Pre-College Programme
  • Sciences Po Reims campusSciences Po Reims campus

Every summer, Sciences Po opens its doors to secondary school students from around the world as part of the Summer School’s Pre-College Programme. This programme is an opportunity to discover Sciences Po and experience college life and academics at one of France’s leading universities.

Get a taste of university life

During three weeks in July, students undertake rigorous coursework in the social sciences, which introduces them to the key disciplines and methodologies of a Sciences Po education.

Why choose Sciences Po over another university ?

Secondary school students gain valuable insight from Sciences Po undergrads
  • Amy Greene, assistant dean and James Quinn ©Campus ChannelAmy Greene, assistant dean and James Quinn ©Campus Channel

“What can I learn at Sciences Po?”, “Are all the courses in English?”, “Why choose Sciences Po rather than another university?”, “What is the best way to prepare for the interview?”, “Is accommodation available on campus?”, “What are the best clubs and societies at Sciences Po?”, ... These are some of the questions that secondary school students asked current undergraduates and Sciences Po representatives during the live Q&A on 28 November.

Meet the first Mastercard Foundation Scholars at Sciences Po

  • MasterCard Foundation Scholars ©Didier PazeryMasterCard Foundation Scholars ©Didier Pazery

The first five students to benefit from the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme at Sciences Po come from across sub-Saharan Africa. Astou Diouf, 18, is from Senegal, Zipporah Gakuu, 19, from Kenya, Romaric Compaore, 18, from Burkina Faso, Ashale Chi, 17, from Cameroon, and Fitiavana Andry, 17, from Madagascar, making this first cohort representative of Africa in all its diversity.

The new features of the Bachelor's Degree

The new features of the Bachelor's Degree
  • Student in the library of the Sciences Po Menton campus ©Martin ArgyrogloStudent in the library of the Sciences Po Menton campus ©Martin Argyroglo

The recent redesign of the Sciences Po Bachelor's degree programme reaffirms a commitment to the principles of humanism and scientific intellectual inquiry. The four key points below outline what first year students at the Undergraduate College can expect to find. 

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