Possible orientations

All third year students must complete at least one semester of studies at one of Sciences Po’s partner universities.

Students pursue their third year either in a study abroad experience lasting two semesters, or in a hybrid year consisting of one semester of study followed by a semester-long full-time internship.

Study abroad (two semesters)

This pathway is chosen by students wishing to complete a full academic year within a partner institution according to the following academic obligations :

-each student must validate 40% of courses in the framework of his or her major. Consequentially, students are strongly advised to complete their major coursework obligations during the fall semester abroad. The spring semester thus allows more space to explore courses and disciplines outside of the major.

A table presenting the list of academic disciplines crediting each of Sciences Po’s three major will soon be accessible online via the Sciences Po International Affairs website. Henceforth, all majors can be validated in every region of the world. Nonetheless, it is strongly suggested that students remain particularly attentive to the course selection offered in each partner institution.

The hybrid year (study abroad and internship)

For students meeting the eligibility requirements (see below), this format provides the chance to complete a semester-long internship experience abroad.

The internship must be conducted in continuity with the student’s major coursework and carried out on a full-time basis over the course of four consecutive months. The ability to pursue an internship is predicated on the validation during the fall semester of the major.

The list of partner universities able to accomodate hybrid year students will be communicated shortly via the Sciences Po International Affairs website.

The choice to pursue a hybrid year is a definitive engagement. The option of changing into, or out of, the hybrid year project during the course of the third year is not authorized.

Eligibility criteria

  • All courses must have been validated with no defaults (with the exception of previously justified medical situations);
  • The student must present an academic profile in constant progression;
  • Mandatory attendance at an information session conducted by Sciences Po Carrières.

Once again, the decision to pursue a hybrid year is binding.

Internship advising

Sciences Po Carrières assists students in each step of the internship abroad, from its definition to its evaluation.

To best prepare your meetings with Sciences Po Carrières, the following links are recommended:

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