Anaïs Rességuier

Since January 2018, Anaïs Rességuier is working with Dr. Bernard Reber  and Dr. Robert Gianni on EU-funded research projects regarding the ethics and RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) of emerging technologies.
She is primarily involved with the BODEGA project in which she works to ensuring an RRI approach to the research process as well as examines the social-political implications of the automation and digitalisation of European borders. 
She is also working on two other projects: New HoRRIzon whose objective is to ensure the implementation of RRI within all EU-funded projects as well as SIENNA () that seeks to develop ethical protocols and codes for three emerging technologies: human genomics, human enhancement, and artificial intelligence and robotics.
Thesis topic

“The Power of Care: Beyond the Empire of Suffering. The Case of Humanitarian Action” (thesis in French).
Dir. : Bernard Reber

Research Fields

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