Hassan Elbahtimy

Hassan Elbahtimy was awarded a PhD from the War Studies Department in 2013 for a thesis that addressed the historical origins of Egypt’s nuclear policy 1955-1968. His research drew on primary materials from Egypt, the US, the UK and the UN to study a formative period in Egypt’s and the Middle East's nuclear history. Since then, Hassan been an active member of Nuclear Proliferation International History Project (NPIHP).In 2014, he joined CSSS as a postdoctoral researcher and was part of a team that ran a collaborative research and training project with Atomic Weapons Establishment, UK (AWE) and Norwegian Institute of Energy Technology. The project ran multiple simulations for warhead verification involving students from British, German, Egyptian, South Africa, American and Russian academic institutions. The research component of the project addressed the role of human factors and trust in the context of warhead inspections. Hassan presented on this project in the United Nations and the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management Conferences among other venues. 
Before joining CSSS, Hassan worked as a senior researcher at VERTIC where his research focused on nuclear verification particularly IAEA safeguards and nuclear disarmament. While at VERTIC, Hassan participated in the UK Norway Initiative on Verifying Warhead Dismantlement as an observer in 2008-2009. He also delivered professional development courses on nuclear safeguards and nuclear regulatory frameworks in Africa. He was a teaching assistant at the War Studies department in 2009/2010 and before that worked  in the Multilateral Department in the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Hassan holds an M.B.B.Ch from Cairo University, an International Relations Graduate Diploma from American University in Cairo, an MA in Science and Security from War Studies Department, Kings College London and Diplôme d'université - (D.U.) in International Nuclear Law from the University of Montpellier. In 2006, he was awarded the United Nations Disarmament Fellowship and was a Chevening scholar in 2007.Hassan’s current research interests lie at the intersection between science, security and history. This include current and historical cases of nuclear restraint and reversal and more generally how non-nuclear weapon states develop and implement policies in the nuclear field. Hassan is also interested in researching the politics and the verification of nuclear disarmament and the politics of WMD in the Middle East.

Recherches en cours

- Security in Middle East
- Nuclear politics in the Middle East
- Verification of disarmament and arms control treaties
- Initiatives on global nuclear disarmament
- Regional Nuclear Weapons Free Zones (NWFZs)
- Non-proliferation treaty regimes

Publications principales

List of conference papers

- ‘Early approaches to IAEA safeguards: Egypt’s journey from reluctance to toleration 1957-1967’ to The Global History of the International Atomic Energy Agency Conference, Vienna, Austria, September 2014.
-‘Verifying Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East,’ EU Non-proliferation and Disarmament Conference, Brussels, September 2014.
-‘Exploring the role of trust in verifying nuclear warhead dismantlement,’ Annual Conference of the International Nuclear Materials Management, June 2014.
-‘Egypt and the birth of the NPT’ in The Making of a Nuclear Order: Negotiating the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, ETH Zurich, March 2014.
- ‘Historical Perspectives into Egyptian Approaches to Non-proliferation’ in Egyptian Approaches to Disarmament and Nonproliferation, Cairo University, March 2014.
- ‘Egypt’s Nuclear Predicament and the Politics of Restraint’ to Society for Historian of American Foreign Relations  Summer Institute on International Nuclear History, June 2013.
 - ‘Verification of Warhead Dismantlement: challenges, solutions and prospects’ in International Atomic Energy Agency Symposium on International Safeguards: Preparing for Future Verification Challenges, November 2011.

List of publications

- ‘IAEA Safeguards Resolution: return to consensus,’ Trust & Verify 142, 2013, (with Dr Sonia Drobysz)
- ‘Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Budgets loom,’ Trust & Verify, 142, 2013, (with Andreas Persbo)
- ‘International Monitoring System records North Korean blast and Russian meteor strike,’ Trust & Verify, 140, 2013 (with Dr David Keir)
- ‘Nuclear Disarmament Verification: the case for multilateralism,’ VERTIC Brief 19, 2013 Co-author.
- ‘Irreversibility in Nuclear Disarmament: Practical steps against nuclear rearmament,’ 2011, Verification Matters Series, VERTIC, Co-author.
- ‘Perspectives on the 2010 International Atomic Energy Agency General Conference,’ VERTIC Brief, December 2010.
- ‘Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in Middle East after 2010 Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Review Conference’, New World, United Nations Association, Autumn 2010.
- ‘Verifying Warhead Dismantlement: past, present, future,’ Verification Matters Series, 1 September 2010, Co-author.
- ‘Towards Verifiable Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in the Middle East’ VERTIC Briefing Paper, May 2010.
- ‘Verification of Nuclear Warhead Dismantlement’ in Perspectives for Progress: NPT 2010 Review Conference and Beyond, Pugwash book, May 2010
- ‘Disarmament: Political Context and Technical Challenges’,Trust and Verify 126, September 2009.