Jusmeet Singh Sihra is pursuing his joint doctorate in the Department of Political Science, Centre de Recherches Internationales, Sciences Po, Paris and in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His dissertation, titled ‘Relegation of Dalits in Urban India : a Study of Socio-Spatial Segregation in Ulajhpur', studies the mechanisms that segregate the ex-untouchable (Dalit) castes in urban spaces. His other research interests include sociology of shared sacred shrines, and regional and local politics of Rajasthan. He is the recipient of the prestigious Presidential Fellowship at the Hebrew University. He is supervised by Professor Christophe Jaffrelot (CERI, Sciences Po) and Professor Nurit Stadler (HUJI).

Relegation of Dalits in Urban India: a Study of Socio-Spatial Segregation in Ulajhpur (Rajasthan, India), sous la direction de Christophe Jaffrelot et Nurit Stadler (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Thèmes de Recherches

ségrégation urbaine, mobilité sociale, stratification sociale, sociologie des religions, politique indienne

  • Langues

    Anglais, Hindi, Français
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