Marine Gassier is a PhD Candidate in International Relations at Sciences Po Paris. She holds a Master of Arts from Johns Hopkins University - SAIS (2012). Her dissertation project investigates the determinants of the evolution of insurgent movements, with a particular focus on conflicts in the Horn of Africa. She is also a consultant for the World Bank Africa Gender Innovation Lab, working on several experimental studies assessing the impact of youth employment and entrepreneurship programs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Transcending Factions: The Determinants of Cohesion in Insurgent Movements Why do some rebel groups split into rival factions while other maintain their cohesion throughout long civil conflict?, supervised by Jérôme Sgard. This project connects patterns of fragmentation or cohesion in insurgent movements to their relationship to pre-war structures of authority. It combines statistical analysis of a novel dataset with structured comparisons of rebel movements in East Africa to uncover the roots of divisions or sustained cooperation within insurgent organizations.

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