Pauline Brücker

Pauline Brücker holds a doctorate in political science (2020) and is currently a post-doctoral fellow at MIGRINTER associated with the CERI and the CEDEJ. During her doctorate conducted at the CERI, she was a doctoral student grant holder at CEDEJ- Egypt and guest researcher at CEDEJ-Sudan and CRFJ (2014- 2016), temporary teacher at Sciences Po Paris (2015-2018) and ATER at Sciences Po Toulouse (2018-2020). She holds a research master's degree in political science (2013) and a master's degree in international affairs (2011) at Sciences Po Paris.

At the crossroads of the sociology of migrations, the sociology of social mobilizations and the sociology of law, her research study the political and social recompositions brought about by contemporary forms of exile and its government by the State. She has conducted field surveys in Egypt, Israel / Palestine, Sudan, Jordan and France.

Her doctoral thesis entitled "In search of status. Mobilities and mobilizations of Sudanese asylum seekers in Egypt and Israel (1995-2015)" was conducted under the supervision of Ms. Catherine Wihtol de Wenden (emeritus research director, CNRS ). Based on an ethnographic, transnational and multi-sited study, this research analyzes the phenomenon of "refugees without asylum" and their quests for status which unfold in time and space, based on the case of Sudanese exiles in Egypt and Israel. She thus contributed to the analysis of the reception crisis from the southern shore of the Mediterranean, by studying both the assertion of repressive migration policies led by the State and the UNHCR, and the resistance that they produce. In this context, waiting, mobility or collective action appear as so many modes of action attesting to the agency of the exiles who, far from being mere objects of migration policies, receive differently over time, space, and therefore their journey, the policies they encounter.

She is currently pursuing this longitudinal and transnational study of the social and political trajectories ofSudanese exiles in different countries (Egypt, Israel, France, United States, Canada).

As part of her post-doctorate, her research focuses on the political mobilizations led against the detention and expulsion of foreign populations in France, Egypt and Israel. By studying the plural forms of protest around and in places of detention, this research intends to apprehend the renewed conflictuality generated by repressive migration policies on both sides of the Mediterranean.

Previously, she worked on freedom of movement and the opening of borders (ANR MobGlob) and environmental migration (ANR CADHOM).

She teaches political sociology, general sociology, social science methods, international relations and the sociology of migration and asylum.

Work in Progress

• Social and political trajectories of Sudanese exiles
• Sudanese revolution and political engagement from afar
• Space of social movements in Egypt and Israel and cause of exiles
• Mobilizations in and around spaces of detention

Main Publications

• 2020. « Une place évolutive au sein des migrations internationales », in Hala Bayoumi et Karine Bennafla (dir.), Atlas de l’Egypte contemporaine, CNRS éditions, p.30-31.

• 2019. « De la mobilisation des sans-papiers à la « crise » des réfugiés. Evolution des catégories d’action et enjeux théoriques », avec Daniel Veron et Youri-Lou Vertongen, Critique Internationale, Vol.3, n°84, p.9-21.

• 2019. « Violences de l’exil, mémoires des luttes et plasticité de l’engagement. Le cas des mobilisations des demandeurs d’asile soudanais en Israël », Critique Internationale, Vol.3, n°84, p.43- 62.

• 2019. « Le guichet du HCR, entre standardisation bureaucratique et éthos humanitaire », Politiques et Société, vol. 38, n°1, p.129-155.

• 2018. « La mise en mobilité des « indésirables » – Trajectoires, pratiques d’illégalisation et expulsions des demandeurs d’asile soudanais », Mouvements, vol. 93, n°1, p. 118-126.

• 2017. « Voicing refugeeness : Sudanese struggles for belonging in Egypt and Israel », Egypte Monde Arabe, Vol.15, n°1, p.95-123.

• 2017. « Les migrations internationales dans l’Egypte postrévolutionnaire », Egypte Monde Arabe, Vol.15, p.9-26.

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