PhD students

Supervisor: Jean-Louis Rocca
Thèse : Social protest, political field and reform policy in China: the case of sanitation workers in Guangzhou
North-East Asia
Supervisor: Guillaume Devin
Thèse : Evolution and transformations of Japan's multilateral diplomacy
Japanese multilateral diplomacy, Japan and the United Nations
Global realm, North-East Asia
Political science
International relations, Japanese studies
Actors and levels of regulation in world politics
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Supervisor: Élise Massicard
Thèse : Establishment of a New Public Moral Sense: Social Equality and the Idea of Freedom. A Comparison of the Gezi Movement (Turkey) and the Green Movement (Iran)
Middle East
Iran, Turkey
Supervisor: Frédéric Ramel
Thèse : L'humanitaire international à l'épreuve de l'universalisme : quelle(s) approche(s) éthique(s) au sein des sociétés nationales africaines de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge ?
Central Africa, East Africa and The Horn, Global realm, North Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa
Supervisors: Alain Dieckhoff et Yitzhak Reiter
Thèse : God will not remain absent: religious-nationalism in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - a comparative approach
Religious nationalism, Islami, Judaism, nationalism, holy sites, conflict studies
Middle East
Israel, Palestine
Political science
Comparative political sociology
Identity and politics, Political participation and mobilization
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