Populism in America and the Middle East: ethical and religious dimensions

Scientific Coordination

Alain Dieckhoff and Katherine Pratt Ewing (Columbia University) 


This project brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars from Columbia, CERI at Sciences Po and other universities, as well as journalists, people in government, and religious leaders, who will comparatively investigate the various forces that come together to produce “populist” movements, focusing on the role of religious and ethical claims in mobilizing a politically powerful electorate in the name of populist goals.

As part of the proposed research, IRCPL and Sciences Po will organize two conferences, one in Amman (CU Global Center) and a second in New York, with the aim of furthering scholarly and public understanding of populism as a powerful political process that appears to be transforming the Middle East and the United States.


A project funded by the Alliance Program

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