Joyce Bessis

PhD candidate
Doctorate student in Political Science ( sub-category: Political sociology and public action) since January 2012, under the supervision of Astrid von Busekist (CERI) and Camille Roth (CNRS-CMB). Thesis on "Real-Time Politics" and the impacts of cyber social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) on the Public Space. More specifically, her research will highlight the socio-political consequences of the immediacy enabled by these real-time media on the decision making process, individual or public opinion building and collective action.

MA in Political Science from Tel Aviv University, with her thesis entitled: "The Social Network: The collective nation v.s. a society of individuals" and under the supervision of Yossi Shain (graduated in 2011). Joyce holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Israel Institute of Technology, the Technion (graduated in 2003).

Joyce Bessis is a member of the Digital Humanities team at the Marc Bloch Center in Berlin ( and takes part in an ANR (French National Research Agency) project coined "Algopol" ( which aims consist in analyzing the evolution of ranking and sorting algorithms, and developing knowledge regarding the new metrics of information on the Web.


Social networks and the political sphere: Political dilemmas of the Real-time.

Research Interests

Political Sociology, Political communication, Digital Humanities, Data Science, networks, Social media, NLP, temporality, real-time.

  • Teaching

    - Establishment : Sciences Po, title : Leadership and Management (TA), from 2017-01 to 2017-05,(level : master),

    - Establishment : Sciences Po, title : Media and democracy (Benedicte BERNER and Philippe AGHION), from 2017-09 to 2018-01,(level : master),

    - Establishment : Ecole des affaires internationales, title : Statistiques et mathématiques des finances (TA), from 2011-09 to 2012-01,(level : master)
  • Languages

    French, Hebrew, English, Spanish
Joyce Bessis
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