Pauline Brücker is a PhD student at CERI and a PhD student at CEDEJ (Cairo / Khartoum). She is currently ATER in Political Science, after a years teaching international relations and general sociology. 

Graduated in both political sociology and public international law (Sciences Po Paris), her work in sociology of migration focuses on
(i) the processes and actors of the construction of refugee status as a legal and social category
(ii) collective action for the rights of migrants led by people in exile and by state and non-state militant actors;
(iii) forms of mobility - in particularly circular mobility - generated by contemporary migration policies.
Her doctoral thesis, led by Catherine Wihtol de Wenden, examines these issues in the light of the mobility of Sudanese migrants seeking status between Egypt and Israel.

Prior to her PhD, she worked in ANR projects, particularly on issues related to environmental migration (ANR CADHOM) or to freedom of movement and the opening of borders (ANR MobGlob).

En quête de statut. Mobilités et trajectoires soudanaises entre l’Egypte et Israël (2005-2015), sous la direction de Catherine Wihtol de Wenden

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