André Grjebine

Research Professor
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André Grjebine is a Sciences Po, Paris graduate and has a PhD in economics. Early in his career, he was the economics editor of the daily newspaper “Combat” and worked for the Strategic Planning Directorate of the French ministry of Economy and Finance. In 1981-1984 and in 1985-1986, he served as expert and advisor for the ministry of Research and the ministry of Industry. 
He taught political economy at Sciences Po from 1976 to 1996. He is the author of several books on economic and philosophical subjects and publishes regular opinion pieces in Le Monde and other newspapers. 
André Grjebine’s current research focuses on the crisis of the euro and the economic imbalances between EU member States, with a special emphasis on the capabilities of the State to fight public and private over-indebtedness without causing recession. He also examines the factors of vulnerability and threats to open societies (i.e. societies without dogmas imposed upon them from a higher authority in the name of a revelation or an ideology).

Work in Progress

The crisis of the euro and the imbalances between EU member States. Problems of public and private over-indebtedness

Research Interests

Euro crisis, Over-indebtedness

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