Milica Popović is a PhD student in Comparative Political Sociology at Sciences Po, under the mentorship of professor Jacques Rupnik, and in Balkan Studies at the University of Ljubljana, under mentorship of professor Mitja Velikonja. She has obtained a master degree in political science at the University Paris 2 Pantheon-Assas in Paris and a bachelor degree at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. The focus of her research is within memory studies, issues of (Yugo)nostalgia and (post)Yugoslav societies. Milica regularly publishes articles on the Balkans for different journals. Milica also works as a freelance consultant and expert in higher education and education field, leading her own research and consulting agency „Nomade“.

News : Yougoslavie, yougonostalgie : quel héritage du titisme ?


(Post) Yugoslav memories as resistance strategies: Understanding the political significance of Yugonostalgia, under mentorship of prof. Jacques Rupnik and prof. Mitja Velikonja

Work in Progress

Yugonostalgia; (post)Yugoslav societies; post-socialist identities; (post)Yugoslav generations

Research Interests

Postsocialist memory, (Post)Yugoslav societies, political generations, nostalgia and Yugonostalgia

Milica Popovic
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