170607 Reassembling Bangkok: Stories from an Increasingly Careless City

7 Juin, 2017 - 17:00 - 19:00


Seminar Cities are back in town

Wednesday 7 June 2017, 5 - 7 pm, Sciences Po, LIEPP’s Conference Room, 254 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris

 During this meeting, Bart Wissink will discuss his current book project on urban transformations in Bangkok against the backdrop of dramatically rising inequalities in late capitalist cities. This discussion starts from the idea that ‘objective’ inequalities are mediated by the specific characteristics of a city: to name some examples, a city with much open space will support possibilities for squatting; government policies in some cities will be very restrictive; and urban social cultures in some cities translate into civic responsibilities but not in others. As a result, the life of the disadvantaged in some cities will be harder than in others, even when inequalities are similar, and these differences do matter. Following a rapidly expanding discussion in other disciplines, Reassembling Bangkok develops the concept of ‘care’ to further discuss such variations between cities: in ‘caring’ cities the effects of inequalities will be less disastrous as these cities are more ‘inclusive’ than in ‘careless’ cities. Discussions on urban inequalities should therefore not only focus on the structural transformation of the global economy that produces ‘objective’ inequalities, but also on mechanisms of care that can help to mediate such inequalities.

Speaker: Bart Wissink, City University of Hong Kong, Department of Public Policy, Urban Research Group

Bart Wissink’s research projects explore enclave urbanism in five Asian city regions (Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Tokyo), with special attention for comparative urban form, urban controversies, and social networks and the neighbourhood. Bart Wissink has held visiting appointments in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Tokyo. His most recent co-edited book (with Ray Forrest and Sin Yee Koh), Cities and the Super-Rich, was published by Palgrave MacMillan in March 2017. Bart Wissink is currently working on a book project for Manchester University Press, entitled Bangkok: Stories from an Increasingly Careless City.

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Contact: edouard.dequeker@sciencespo.fr
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