Flavia Albanese

2018-09 - 2018-10

Visiting PhD Candidate

IUAV University of Venice, Department of Design and Planning in Complex Environments

Flavia Albanese is a Ph.D. candidate in Regional Planning and Public Policies at the IUAV University of Venice. Her thesis research focuses on the reception system for refugees and asylum seekers, in Italy and in France, and on the urban impact of migratory flows, both in big cities and in small municipalities. She holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Design at Roma Tre University with a thesis focused on the role played by urban policies and public spaces in promoting migrant’s inclusion.

Research interests

  • Interconnection between urban and social dynamics;
  • Urban policies and practices for migrant’s inclusion;
  • Refugees and asylum seekers reception models.

Visiting projects and objectives

The research focuses on the policy approach put in place for handle refugees and asylum seekers reception in France, in order to compare the Italian and the French system and to define the urban impact of refugees on the territories.