David Levi-Faur

2020-02 - 2020-03

Visiting Professor

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Political Science Department and the Federmann School of Public Policy

David Levi-Faur is Professor at the Department of Political Science and the Federmann School of Public Policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a founding editor of Regulation & Governance, a top journal that serves as the leading platform for the study of regulation and governance in the social sciences. He held research and teaching positions at the University of Haifa, the University of Oxford, the Australian National University, the University of Manchester and the Freie Universität Berlin. He held visiting positions in the London School of Economics, the University of Amsterdam, University of Utrecht and the University of California (Berkeley). He currently works on a book manuscript Regulating Capitalism" to be published by Princeton University Press. His work includes special issues of the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences (The Global Diffusion of Regulatory Capitalism, co-edited with Jacint Jordana) and Governance (Varieties of Regulatory Capitalism). More recently he acted as editor of the Oxford Handbook of Governance {OUP, 2012) and The Handbook of the Politics of Regulation (Edward Elgar, 2011). He is currently working on a manuscript and an Oxford Handbook on the Regulation of Emerging Technologies. David Levi-Faur’s manuscript in progress covers the regulating implications of Big Financial Data and asserts the social innovations potential of the use of big financial data for welfare governance. In doing so, the manuscript deals with the trends, purposes and dilemmas of governance in the 21st century.

Research interests

Regulation, Governance, Comparative Public Policy/Political Economy

Research project to pursued at the CEE

Governance via Intermedaries

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