Anja Neundorf

2018-03 - 2018-04

Visiting Associate Professor

University of Nottingham, School of Politics and international Relations

Dr. Anja Neundorf is an Associate Professor in Politics and the co-director of the Nottingham Interdisciplinary Centre for Economic and Political Research. Before joining Nottingham, she held a Post-doctoral Prize Research Fellowship at Nuffield College, University of Oxford and received her PhD from the University of Essex. Generally, her research applies advanced statistical methods to substantially important research questions with the aim of testing and refining theories of political socialization, political attitudes, and electoral choice. Thereby, she is mainly interested in how individuals form and retain these attitudes and identities over time and across different political systems.

Research interests

Dr. Neundorf’s research interests lie at the intersection of political behaviour, research methods, and comparative politics

Visiting projects and objectives

In her current project, Dr. Neundorf is studying the long-term impact of autocratic regimes on civil society that could undermine democratisation processes. Using a statistical methodological approach, the study investigates the legacy of dictatorships from over 100 countries from around the globe covering the entire 20th century. The research has important implication for democracy aid, addressing issues of how to best support the mass population in transitioning societies. During her time at the CEE, she will mainly work on a paper on the emergence of populist parties in new democarcies.

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