The Cahiers européens de Sciences Po aim at promoting the development and dissemination of research about European integration and to enhance the scientific debate about Europe.

It is about providing space for the valorisation of ongoing research on European issues lead at Sciences Po and beyond. The Cahiers européens de Sciences Po enable the dissemination of the studies conducted by researchers affiliated to the Center for European Studies and Comparative Politics, visitings professors or other participants of research projetcts. Furthemore, the ambition is to disclose the best papers performed by the PhD students affiliated to the Center.

The Cahiers européens de Sciences Po publish papers from all relevant disciplines, in French or in English. The papers are evaluated by a multidisciplinary editorial board.


Publications related to the topic of the conference :

Avoiding conflict? The EU legislative process in times of tension. Olivier ROZNBERG, Stéphanie NOVAK, Selma BENDJABALLAH, Renaud DEHOUSSE,
Les Cahiers européens de Sciences Po n° 01/2018 (PDF, 382 Ko)

Mainstreaming Euroscepticism? An analysis of the effects of the politicisation of Europe in domestic elections on the framing strategies of the centre-right in Britain, France and Germany, PAWLEY, Nicholas
Les Cahiers européens de Sciences Po n° 03/2017(PDF, 273 Ko)

The “Populist Moment”: Towards a “post-liberal” Europe?, CHOPIN, Thierry
Les Cahiers européens de Sciences Po n° 01/2017 (PDF, 166 Ko)

France in quest of a European narrative, ROZENBERG, Olivier
Les Cahiers européens de Sciences Po n°04/2016 (PDF, 214 Ko)

Concepts of Congruence and European’s evaluation of representation. A micro-level-analysis, DAGEFORDE, Mirjam
Les Cahiers européens de Sciences Po n°03/2016 (PDF 200Ko)

The Crisis of European Union Studies seen from the US: EU Studies are ‘Widening’ and ‘Deepening’ even as EU Theories of Widening and Deepening are in crisis, SCHMIDT,Vivien A.
Les Cahiers européens de Sciences Po n°02/2016 (PDF, 144 Ko)

Comparative Electoral Dynamics in the European Union in 2014 (CED-EU14): A Data User’s Guide, SAUGER, Nicolas, DEHOUSSE, Renaud & GOUGOU, Florent
Les Cahiers européens de Sciences Po, n° 02/2015 (PDF, 297 Ko)

Politique européenne is a bilingual (French/English) journal, which publishes original articles in thematic or varia issues covering the entire field of European Studies (policy analysis, international relations, political sociology, political theory or political anthropology…). Each issue also includes a on-going research articles, as well as book reviews and review essays.

The ambition of the journal is to constitute of the key arenas for expressing scientific controversies on European Studies. Starting with the observation that academic contributions relating to the political analysis of the process of European integration had primarily been dominated by English-language journal, the aims of the journal are the following:

  • accompany the development of political science as one of the main and autonomous discipline in the analysis of the many dimensions of the process of European integration,
  • make available to observers (academics, students and journalists) and actors (political, administrative and economic) of the European Union a journal of high scientific quality that allows to take stock of the academic debates,
  • help enhance exchanges between universities and research centers in France and abroad.

Through its thematic and varia issues, Politique européenne offers an editorial policy which allows to establish the necessary bridge between theory and practice in the study of the EU in all its dimensions.

All the issues are available on the website of


Sciences Po LIEPP Working papers is one of the LIEPP publication series. Written by one or more researchers from an ongoing project, the working paper aims to stimulate scientific discussions and to contribute to a better understanding of the topic.




Publications related to the topic of the conference :

Paolo GRAZIANO, Matteo JESSOULA, Explaining Welfare State Developments: Towards a Comparative Research Agenda , LIEPP Working Paper, n°76, February 2018.

Bruno PALIER, Philippe ASKENAZY France: Rising Precariousness Supported by the Welfare state LIEPP Working Paper n°74, January 2018.

Bruno PALIER, Allison ROVNY, Jan ROVNY, European Disunion? Social and Economic Divergence in Europe, and their Political Consequences , LIEPP Working Paper, n°71, November 2017.

Dimitri A. SOTIROPOULOS, How the quality of democracy deteriorates: Populism and the backsliding of democracy in three West Balkan countries , LIEPP Working Paper, n°67, June 2017.

Sonja AVLIJAŠ, Revisiting the Baltic growth model: From neoliberalism to the social investment welfare state, LIEPP Working Paper, n°66, April 2017.

Nathalie MOREL, Chloé TOUZET, Michaël ZEMMOUR, A Bismarckian Type of Fiscal Welfare? Insights on the Use of Social Tax Expenditures in French Social and Employment Policy , LIEPP Working Paper, n°65, March 2017.

Julian L. GARRITZMANN, Silja HAEUSERMANN, Bruno PALIER, Christine ZOLLINGER , WoPSI – the World Politics of Social Investment: An international research project to explain variance in social investment agendas and social investment reforms across countries and world regions , LIEPP Working Paper, n°64, March 2017.